Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency Treatment

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Food allergy

Whenever I eat non veg I get vigour's allergy I,even I m having drugs allergy like taking anti biotic.dust allergy too.plz help me.

Dosage for Supradyn?

How many times a day should I consume Supradyn tablets? I am a 20 year old female. For the past few days I am feeling lethargic and easily tired which I generally don’t and therefore have been suggested to take vitamin supplements.

Restlessness, tiredness

Hello, I was on treatment of lymph node tuberculosis from Jan 2015 till Oct 2016.. my reports are absolutely fine but now I easily go tired, feel restlessness and sometimes feel vertigo's when i do little more work then my daily routines.. please suggest..

I'm not able to taste.

From past 6months I'm unable to taste proper as am before.I don't know why iam facing this problem.It is like some other metal taste I'm feeling in my mouth.Is it any symptom for cancer or any main vitamin deficiency. And I'm having severe hairfall and dandruff issue. Please help me.If it is vitamin deficiency how can I overcome with it and which tablet I'm supposed to use .

Spirulina Bluegreen algae

I'm taking spirulina tablets which is ayurvedic. I would like to know what are the side effects of it. Can I continue taking it

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Ward Off Asthma With Proper Management of the Disease

WorkupEvaluation of patients with asthma should include a history with questions about seasonal increases in pulmonary symptoms; other allergic symptoms; exposure to tobacco; and exposure to allergens at home, at work, or outdoors.Initial work up for asthma should includea) ...

Atopic Dermatitis in Children

This is a common skin disease in children. The cause of Atopic Dermatitis is not clear but it affects your child’s skin’s ability to hold moisture. The skin becomes dry, itchy and easily irritated. Most children who have Atopic Dermatitis have a family history of Allergies.Atopic ...

Health Tips for Kids to Beat the Heat This Summer and Build Immunity

During summer, our body becomes hotter, muscle enzymes speed up and burn glycogen more rapidly, depleting stores of the sugar that your muscles use for fuel. Hence it is necessary to make the child drink plenty of fluids that would help hydrate the muscle and skin adequately in order to maintain ...


Urticaria or hives can be idiopathic or may be a symptom of underlying problem in some individuals .In perhaps as many as 30-40% of cases with chronic idiopathic urticaria, it is caused by an autoimmune reaction. Acute viral infection is another common cause of urticaria. Less common causes ...

10 Tips To Keep Your House Asthma Proof

Like many people you probably have a deep emotional connect with your home. It is a place to relax, after long hours at the work. That is why it is important that this place is not only comfortable, but safe to live in.If you are suffering from Asthma, there is nothing worse than ...