Kidney Failure Treatment

It may be caused by acute kidney injury or a chronic kidney disease. Safeguard of the kidneys as well as damage control is the first option, which can save the kidney from further damage or total failure.Long term use of the anti-inflammatory drugs can cause kidney damage and ultimately kidney failure.

It may be caused by acute kidney injury or a chronic kidney disease. Safeguard of the kidneys as well as damage control is the first option, which can save the kidney from further damage or total failure.Long term use of the anti-inflammatory drugs c ... More

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Stone in my left kidney

My stone size is 12mm in left kidney i get horrible pain should I be getting diagonised or it can be cured by tablets

I got swelling on my foot

I got swelling on my foot and met doctors, they advised me to check uric acid content. I checked, the uric acid was higher than the range. I took febustat -40 mg for three months. After that uric acid is checked and found normal. Meanwhile dring annual health check up is was found that Vitamin B12 is very less. Doctor advised me to take e must mc capsules and neurokind plus injections. i took them and checked the vitamin B12 is in normal range. During this period of 3 months, my foots having swelling, it might be reduced but, not came to normal state. I dont drink alcohal, i dont smoke also. Now i am getting the more swelling on the foots. What might be the reason? One of my friend suspected that, it might be related to kidney functioning. i have urine urgency problem also from the past one and half year. i consulted urologist also, they gave me small tablet. if it is taken there is no probelm for two days. My main concern is sweling on foots.Now what shall i do?


My sister suffrng from glomerusclerosis her craetinine is 0.8 4 out of 14 nephrons are sclerosed bp is so high so she is taking remipril 5mg day n 10mg night Is dis serious ?? Her lyf expectancy ???

Breaks in urine

Urination time urine is not coming continuously, it getting breaks. What is the symptoms of kidney diseases?

Repeated Urinary Infectio

Dear Doctor, The problem is with my 1-year-old Niece, currently in Dubai. She has been having repeated urinary infections and after further checkup, the doctor there determined that she had a blockage in the upper part one of her kidneys which was causing her repeated infections. The doctor there recommends she have that portion of her kidney removed. Until then she is put on daily dosage of Septrin- Paediatric Suspension (Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole). I would like to get a second opinion on the same and would be glad to follow up on the same towards the second week of October when they are visiting India. I am attaching copies of a nuclear scan (99mTc DTPA Diuretic Renal Scan), micturating cystourethrogram, and CT abdomen & Pelvis. Would be great if someone can help us out on this.

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Q&a About Kidney Failure, Dialysis and Transplantation

What are the functions of the Kidneys?Remove extra water: The kidneys filter extra water, which the body does not need, in the form of urine. This water comes from the liquids you drink and the foods you eat. The kidneys have the ability to concentrate or dilute your urine, as your ...

Be Water Wise for Healthy Kidneys

Keep your kidneys healthy by being “waterwise.” This means drinking the right amount of water for you. A common misconception is that everyone should drink eight glasses of water per day, but since everyone is different, daily water needs will vary by person. How much water you need is based ...

Overview of Kidney Transplantation

Kidney transplantation remains the best form of renal replacement therapy providing better quality of life and  survival compared to dialysis.  Live related donor transplant still remains the solution of choice in End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) patients with the promise of deceased donor ...

Ten Preventive Tips for Urinary Tract Infection

The urinary tract is comprised of the two kidneys, two ureters, bladder and urethra. An urinary tract infection ('UTI') can involve the bladder ('cystitis') or the kidneys ('pyelonephritis'). Pyelonephritis is a more serious infection than cystitis but thankfully it is less common. Women of ...

Approach To Protein In Urine

Presence of protein in the urine is defined as proteinuria. Normally less than 150 mg of protein appears in urine per day.Massive proteinuria (>3.5 gm/day) is defined as nephrotic syndromeSymptoms:Edema (swelling) in the face, legs, or both; frothing of ...

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