Kidney Failure Treatment

Damage of the nephrons in the kidneys can lead to kidney failure. Treatment of kidney failure is temporary dialysis, which involves a machine that externally functions to purify the blood, replacing the action of the kidneys for a short period. Sudden stop of the blood in the kidneys due to excessive blood loss or injury leads to kidney failure.

Damage of the nephrons in the kidneys can lead to kidney failure. Treatment of kidney failure is temporary dialysis, which involves a machine that externally functions to purify the blood, replacing the action of the kidneys for a short period. Sudde ... More

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Complicated cystitis

Greetings from a fresh year medical student doc, i was diagnosed this afternoon with cystitis and was given ciprofloxacin for 5 days, but just now i feel continous pain in my flank, and i'm worried about developing pyelonefritis, so i was wondering wether i should see doctor again to change the duration of theraphy or is it okay to just stick with 5 days ciprofloxacin ?? Thankyou doc *note: i wasn't told to do urine tests

Very pain at left upper side of stomach

Hi sir greetings, hope you are doing well,I am Masud 21 years old. I am student. I have been feeling very pain left upper side of my stomach for the last week's , day by day it's getting bad . I had the same feeling before 2 years , I didn't see a doctor or specialist, I thought it's stomach problem or lacking of water, now I think it's turning into something bad . Sometimes I feel trouble to take breathe , such like very quick breathing, and seems like my lung is not working properly, sometimes I feel my throat is drying, if I make late to drink water I can't breathe seems like it's going to stop , and most of the time I feel breathing problem Please help me to find out the correct reason Regards

Urinary tract infection

Report epithelial cell 8-10/hpf Pus and protein present Bacteria present ++ Wbc count increased 14500 N 86 Ly 9 M 1 E 4 Esr 18 others are normal

Diabetes and kidney problem

Sir I m suffering from uncontrolled diabetic problem and also my creatinine level is now 6.1, felling very week, my hb level is is 9.6 and so on. In this situation what can I do not understand so I seek your guidance pls help me.

Stone in kidney

8mm stone in my kidney. Pain in a physician but no progress. Should I use laser to remove the stone or just by medicines. I am confused about this. Kindly suggest me the best suitable way to get rid of this. Or the clinic where it is removed or the doctor which will cure this

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What to Look for in Blood Tests for Patients on Dialysis

Blood tests can tell how well the dialysis is working, how well nourished you are, the state of your bones, how much acid thereis, in your blood , as well as your blood count. Monthly blood tests to check the levels of urea/creatinine, waste products produced by metabolism within the body, help ...

High Creatinine on Dialysis

Last week I met an anxious patient in my clinic. He was a young guy having end stage kidney disease (ESKD or ESRD) on regular 3 times per week hemodialysis. He exclaimed, "Doc I'm scared. Inspite of 3 times a week dialysis my creatinine levels have gone up from 6mg/dl (3 months ago) to ...

Approach to Blood in Urine

Smoky or tea coloured urine can be a marker of blood in urine, medically known as Hematuria. Frank blood may be present at times. These episodes of hematuria may be painless or associated with pain. Sometimes blood may be incidentally detected on examination of urine for some other ...

Some Devastating Statistics About Chronic Kidney Failure in India

Even as we speak chronic kidney failure is taking a huge  toll on  lakhs of families in India. This is unfortunate because kidney failure is the easiest of all organ failures  to manage.  We have dialysis which can replace kidney function to a significant extent and kidney  is the easiest ...

Overview of Kidney Transplantation

Kidney transplantation remains the best form of renal replacement therapy providing better quality of life and  survival compared to dialysis.  Live related donor transplant still remains the solution of choice in End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) patients with the promise of deceased donor ...

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