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Is the metal detector sf

Hello Doctor, As I am in the 11th week of pregnancy and I'm travelling by flight. Wanted to know if the metal detector test that is done during the security check before boarding a flight safe during pregnancy or not. Please advise. Thanks.

Miss periods

I had intercourse due date before my cycle now my period are missed for 8 days i had negative pregnancy test which i took after my 7 day of missed period. Having watery discharge during urine very little amount it ocuur after every 2 days .whats is this. I have no symptoms or pregnancy.

Related to periods

My friend always has her periods approx 10 days late from due date which was 9th Oct but for the first time she had it earlier on 4th October and now on 23rd October she again bleeded but it was a slighter one lasted for 23rd and 24th October she is confused and worried what is going she pregnant? She had sex with her bf but she used this just another period before time or pregnancy?plz help .

65-70Days pregnancy...

Hi Doctor, My wife getting pregnant , it's confirm after 3rd test... and now it's done almost 65-70 days. I have a baby of 8 months, so I don't want one more baby in the short time gap. Is that possible to abort through medicine. My first baby's delivery by surgical. So need your suggestion. Thanks.

Endometriosis cyst

I am married women and completed 3 and half years of my marriage and suffering from endometriosis cyst which is right ovary measuring 1.4×1.4×1.0cms and a right posterolateral wall, lower uterine segment fibroid measuring 1.1×0.9×0.9cm according to pelvic sonography before 6mths. As i am starting family planning...i am bit worried regarding i wanted to know will it affect my pregnancy. Please explain what is endometriosis cyst and what are the side effects of it, and is it necessary to burst for my pregnancy or will i be able to concieve naturally. Please help me out.

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Ways to Enjoy the Festive Season When You're Pregnant

Being pregnant at this time of year may mean you have different priorities than you did before. You may be avoiding alcohol (see our ideas for alcohol-free drinks to get you in the festive spirit), taking care over what you eat (don't miss our article on food safety when eating out) and ...

Can Loud Noises From Diwali Crackers Affect Me or My Unborn Baby?

Frequent or constant exposure to loud noises during pregnancy can affect a baby in the womb. But there's no evidence to suggest that occasional loud noises, such as from firecrackers during Diwali, can be of any harm to your unborn baby though they might affect you. Your baby's hearing develops ...

Why Amniotic Fluid Is Important for the Health of a Baby

What is amniotic fluid?Amniotic fluid is the fluid around fetus (Unborn baby in uterus)in which it swims during the course of the pregnancy. This is approximately 98% water.In a term pregnancy, total volume of fluid is around 2800 mlDefinition of ...

" Just Do it......" Helping You to Get Pregnant.

Everybody has heard of the fertile days in the woman's cycle . Having intercourse during this period, greatly increases chances of conception because it is closest to the day of ovulation or egg release. It is now evident that increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse through out the cycle ...

How to Get Your Life Ready for a Baby

What should we think about before we start trying?Before you take the plunge, you and your partner may find it helpful to ask yourselves these questions:Are you both equally committed to becoming parents?Have you thought through how you'll handle childcare responsibilities ...

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