Irregular Heartbeat Treatment

The signs and symptoms of irregular heart beat is missing a beat, fluttering, and sudden increase or decrease in heartbeat ratings all of a sudden. Conditions such as atrial flutter occur in patients who have a heart disease and are in the first week of their surgery. The dizzy feeling as well as light-headedness is a major indicator of irregular heartbeats.

The signs and symptoms of irregular heart beat is missing a beat, fluttering, and sudden increase or decrease in heartbeat ratings all of a sudden. Conditions such as atrial flutter occur in patients who have a heart disease and are in the first week ... More

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Large Vsd problem

My 2 month baby was admitted in ccu at fortis hospital in sick condition with tachypnea and congestive cardiac failure IV decongestIves and IV antibiotics were started . Patient was initially put on nasal CPAP, patient has LRTI and can't be taken up for surgery. However patient condition deteriorated and had to be supported on Invasive mode of ventilation. Patient was also started IV Dobut amine which was gradually tapered off . Subsequent chest x ray revealed worsening pneumonia and demand optimal ventilator setting for stabilisation. Patient has largely remained ventilator dependent repeat chest xray done yesterday show resolving consolidation. A CBC repeated on 23/03/2017 showed Hb=8.9 , TLS =12,400 with neutrophils 50% .A blood transfusion was given in view of that . Currently patient tolerates full RT feeds . USG cranium has been normal.

Consultant Heart surgeon

My Father had CABG surgery two month's before doctors assistant said daily drink 2ltr water only now day's summer is going my father felt More thrusts Is possible to give him more than 2ltr water to drinks on daily basis???

Coronary Artery Disease

Patient had a mild heart attack 4-5 days back. Latter, it was diagnosed as single blockage . He is currently in Patna. Will it be okay to get him operated in Patna or shall I shift him to Delhi or Bangalore. Will it be okay to travel as of now?

Sinus tachycardia otherwise normal ECG

Since last few days i have felt that with change in posture my heart rate changes. When i stand its highest 105-116 bpm When i sit its 90-100 bpm When i sleep its 75-85 bpm However the BP more or less remains the same So i decided to get ECG done While doing ECG the report was as follows: AGE: 22 years Pulse: 123bpm Conclusion: sinus tachycardia otherwise normal ECG Problem that i am curently is nothing but only sense that when i stand i could feel palpitation in my neck and chest. Do not have any other symptoms. But i want to point out one thing that while running on treadmill at 5,6,7,8km/hr i did not feel any discomfort as well as my pulse was between 100-120bpm but as soon as i stopped the activity the pulse raised upto 163 bpm and then started declining. Also at that time my bp was 140 and 75. Can you tell me that whether there is something to worry ?

BP 130/100 at age 28

Hi Doctor, Today i have checked with doctor, and it was found that i have 130/100 bp. I am currently 28 and doctor as for do i have any genetic BP. My father do have , but very rare. Doctor don't prescribed any thing, and told to do check after a 1 month. I am taking some antibiotics for sore throat. So doctor told to do check bp again after 1 month . Can you please suggest me some tips to cure it.

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How to Diagnose Heart Attack ?

Heart Attack is  caused by blockage of the blood flow to the heart muscles.  Reduced blood flow leads to death of some portion of the heart muscle wall. While the word heart attack sounds almost fatal, it need not be the case. Knowing how to identify an attack and being aware of some ...

"Ghar Ka Ghee" Your Heart-Mate!

During winters in childhood, being served with dal khichdi topped with dollops of ghee was a much awaited joy. Licking away every bit of the ghee gave immense culinary pleasure, but if the unsuspecting mom did the same thing today, most of us would throw a fit for sure!Being health freaks ...

The One-Minute Guide to Identifying Stroke

Stroke is a paralysing monster that affects millions of people every year. The ensuing wheelchair- bound life can be quiet demanding for the patient as well as the caregiver.Stroke results from altered blood supply to the brain. The resultant lack of oxygen and nutrients leads to death of ...

Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Heart

There are many steps people can take to try to prevent heart disease. You can start byconcentrating on key lifestyle areas such as eating, exercise, smoking and drinking,and considering other factors like family history, diabetes and stress. Here are 10 toptips for a ...

"Rule of Four" for a Healthy Heart

The biggest refrain from doing regular exercise is "lack of time." In this fast urban life, it may be true to an extent, but if you follow a simple rule of four, you can remain heart healthy, without spending too much time. So what is this rule of four?Four Times a ...

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