Uterine Fibroids Surgery

The damage caused by genital injury may also be permanent.Open wounds are covered by sterile dressing. Bleeding or bruising in the genital area is an important symptom of genital injury.

The damage caused by genital injury may also be permanent.Open wounds are covered by sterile dressing. Bleeding or bruising in the genital area is an important symptom of genital injury. ... More

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Missing period

Which medicine should i take to induce my periods....which are missed dur to ipill taken 3 mnths ago...had 2 times periods but in month of december missed periods...which is withdrawals medicine to make my periods come regularly as it was before ipill taken

Blisters on clitoris skin

Blister type on the clitoris skin..burns like hell while urination. got a mouth ulcer too and few pimples on the face(that never used to happen before).. fear it might b herpes. Wot do u think?

Blood urine

Evening after drunk water urine coming very fastly i went toilet started immediately cough came that's it from urine blood came burning frim that time while urine burning n blood coming so please help


Can I get treated for vaginismus .plz inform if I can get d required therapies to get cured for my condition from a lady theapisr or gynaecologist.

Aesthetic surgery

If i am going for abortion then which abortion is better? Medicine abortion or aesthetic abortion? And what would be the esimated cost of both?

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Whom to Meet for Treatment of Vaginismus

A newlywed couple came to me yesterday after their return from honeymoon. She is a doctor.Problem: They could not do sexual intercourse in the Bahamas where they spent seven days.What do we see?Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in our practice. Couples come 3 days, 3 months, 3 ...

Tips for Lost Energy or Interest in Sex

Nothing is fatal or final so never ever give up, my dear patients, of any age or problems whatsoever. All the physical problems can be made easy by attitude towards the problems-that means how you take and solve them. Problems or people always appear hard nuts to crack at the first impression ...

Letting Go Is the Best Aphrodisiac and Marriage Problems Solver

Letting go and speaking up or crying out is the best aphrodisiac and marriage problems solver says Dr Vaibhav LunkadOf all the cases of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION we get to see at AAIINA clinic 162 shukrawarpeth Pune we found that 40% almost were due to psychosomatic problems such as ...


HEART ATTACK  Severe pain in chest and radiating to one or both the arms, sometimes to the neck or the jaw is a heart attack. CAUSES: • Inadequate supply of blood and oxygen to the heart is the main reason. • Atherosclerosis of the coronary ...


DIABETESDIABETES / DIABETES INCIPIDUS / JUEVENILE DIABETES It is a metabolic disorder in which utilization of blood glucose by the cells of the body is impaired, leading to high levels of glucose in blood and excessive excretion of glucose in the urine. The main cause of ...

Dr. Anand Arumugam - Urologist
Dr. Anand Arumugam Urologist (MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Urology) 14 years experience Dr Anand Urology And Andrology Consultations
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Dr. Phanindra V V - Ayurveda
Dr. Phanindra V V Ayurveda (MD - Ayurveda, BAMS, Fellowship in Cardiac Rehabilitation, YIC (Yoga Instructors Certificate)) 8 years experience Narayana Ayurveda Kuteeram
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Dr. Ravi Prakash - Psychiatrist
Dr. Ravi Prakash Psychiatrist (MBBS, Diploma in Psychological Medicine, MD - Neuropsychiatry) 11 years experience Prakash Neurology And Psychiatry Clinic
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Dr. A. V. Lohit - Sexologist
Dr. A. V. Lohit Sexologist (BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Postgraduate Diploma in Sexology) 14 years experience Dr.Lohit's Ayur Infertility & Sex Clinic
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Dr. Murthy P S - Sexologist
Dr. Murthy P S Sexologist (MBBS, MD - Psychiatry) 37 years experience Manipal Hospital
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