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Plantar fasciitis is the most common reason of heel pain in which the plantar fascia (tough tissue) is inflamed. The initial treatment for metartarsalgia causing foot pain involves RICE, meaning rest, icing, compression and elevation along with medication; however surgical intervention is required for serious cases. With arch pain an individual will experience pain in the foot only after an activity and not during the performance; however sometimes the pain can be so severe that the person's performance might be compromised.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common reason of heel pain in which the plantar fascia (tough tissue) is inflamed. The initial treatment for metartarsalgia causing foot pain involves RICE, meaning rest, icing, compression and elevation along with medic ... More

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I have a mild pain in my neck.

I met with an accident yesterday on a highway. My car was bumped from the rare and there as a car at the front as well. The impact was high from the back in comparison to front. I donot have any physical injuries. But i feel a mild pain on my neck. Yesterday i had a very mild pain, today it has increased a bit, If i lean back and move my head updwards i feel pain. On a normal seated posture, i am able to move my head in all directions without any pain. Wanted to understand, Is it because of the impact and will the pain subside eventually or is it the beginning of a problem and i need to get my self evaluated.

Pain in lumbar region

I an experiencing mild pain at the lumbar region and have visited a doctor before 10 days at KMCH coimbatore and has been informed to wait for another week for observation, now its 10 days the pain remain as is. The lumbar region is warm, have dull pain, notice a slight 5% loss of power to my legs some times and have tingling sensation at lower abdomen some times however, there is no swelling , no loss of sensation to bowel movements , no loss of weight or appetite. I work for IT industry and have been using motor cycle to transit, can you please help identifying this issue.

Lower back ache with leg ache

I hv lower back pain with leg pain since 2 yrs. Mri shows bulging in discs. Now the problem is increased. Im unable to sit or stand for more than 30 min. There is heaviness n numbness in my back. I did physiotherapy for the same pain had subsided but nw the pain is worse

Need opinion

I want to gain my wait and my cheeks as well with in 1 momths what should i do for that i m doing night job nd i sleep 6 to 7 hours only give me a suggestion as soon as possible

Pain in wrist

I have been having pain in wrist area for about 3-4 months now. It has all started after I had chickengunea in September. Normally I do not face any pain issue but if i do some lifting or some motion with my wrist it starts paining. I heard these are side effect of chickengunea but how long will it last? how should i get rid of it?

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Sleep and It's Importance in Your Life

Smita Mahadik (name changed) a 34 year old mother of two came to me last week. My heart sank as she pulled out a thick folder out of her bag and another huge pile of MRI and CT scans. “Doctor, you are my last hope, nobody seems to understand and clear my problem”.Smita was suffering ...

Newer Advances in the Treatment of Tendinopathies (Tennis Elbow, Heel Pain, Knee Pain)

Tendinopathy is a very chronic, recurrent and debilitating problem. Tennis elbow, patellar tendinitis (Anterior knee pain), Achilles tendinitis & plantar fasciitis (Heel cord and heel pain) are the source of nagging and troublesome pain. It can halt a successful sports ...

Exercise After Hip Replacement

Exercise will help you to recover sooner from Hip Replacement Surgery. Now a day, all the surgeons recommend you to do Exercise after Hip Replacement surgery. According to Dr. Kunal Patel, Exercise is very important to restore your normal hip motion and strength and a gradual return to everyday ...

Common Joint Pains - Here's what you should know

Joint pain is common nowadays. Most common reason leading to joints pain is cartilage damage. It may be due to any trauma or disease. Cartilage has least potential of healing. Healing process of damage cartilage leads to formation of fibrous cartilage. Fibrous cartilage is inferior in quality ...

Common Causes of Hand Pain & How to Find Relief

The hand is one of the most commonly used parts of our body and is susceptible to damage, wear and tear as well as injury. Pain in the hand can be attributed to numerous causes, including damage and other conditions that can affect the joints, cartilage, nerves and other parts of the ...

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