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Having headache vomiting back pain having fever some times 101 sometimes 104.6 please give the remedy

ESR is high

I had fever on every evening with chills for morethan 20 days and no other complaints. I consulted a physician taken antibiotics done all blodd investugation Chest xray, ct chest, every results was normal otherthan ESR. now i dont have fever but still my ESR count is high. No doctor has identified the reason for elevated ESR. Could you please help me..

Unknown problem

My dad sometimes find difficult to stand on feet or walk. He walk like old man and says stifness in stomach pain near lower back sometimes upper back not at fixed place. Sometimes he is ok all normal and walks properly. As he stands up he burps too much and find easier to walk. He states this problem triggered after it was not immediate, he was picking up bullet bike and when returned home this symptoms shows. He visited hospital did test diagnosed with mild ulcers in esophagus. Diabetes is normal under control. Even after taking medicines for more than month this problem continues. Unable to understand problem. But there is too much burps. He wakes in night sit and burps continuously and find difficulty in getting continue sleep. Sometimes its normal. He stopped eating dairy and rice. One day he ate rice and milk problem worsen. Is this problem related to gas or nerves due to accident on bike? Is gas trapped in his body but unable to release it properly? Is there continues generation?

Headaches regular basis

Can u please tell me which medicine i should use of headaches on regular basis . Sharp headache that i can't even rest . And many times when i am in headache i want to hit my head hard against a wall or something . M still suffering that's why i can't even sleep even after applying Vicks and having headache tablet . But it is not over yet . Usually headache occur at 9 30 a.m to 11 30 Then 2 30 to 4 .and sometimes 8 pm onwards and does not end till midnight 2 or 3 a.m . But there are some days when i don't even had a single shot of headache . But actually i suffer almost 15 to twenty days of headaches .please help me out . Thanks

Dengue positive next steps?

My father was detected with dengue positive on 15th, he had platelet count 143k on 15th. On 16th platelet count was 96k, today it is 45k. What should be done. He is a heart patient, he was taking, ecosprin 150mg, aten 25mg & stator 10 mg. He stopped taking ecosprin on from 16th itself. What should be done, what all foods he can have. Treatment?

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Safety and Tolerability of Oral Antifungal Medicines in Kids.

We were introduced to Fluconazole as oral antifungal agent 30 years ago and dose to be given to a healthy adult was 50 mg only as a single dose. These days kids as old as 1 year old are given 100 mg /day for 3 days for oral ulcers which can be treated with creams and lotionsOur generation ...

Are You Suffering From Pcod?

Are you suffering from any of the below conditions?Irregular menstrual periods (usually < 8 periods a year).Grow thick, dark hair in places where only men tend to grow hair (upper lip, chin, sideburn area, chest, and belly).Overweight/obesity.Acne (oily ...

5 Food Items to Avoid During Fever and Cold

Fever takes less time to Recover & to come back to Normal self if Diet Therapy,Rest and plenty of water is part of treatment along with Relevant Medicines. Mothers/Caretakers yield in to demands of baby/adults/seniors who are asking for --1)Noodles-At least the ...

7 Health Sins

7 HEALTH SINS1. Lack of Physical Activity• Minimum 30-minute brisk walk daily• Linked to obesity, dyslipidemia, laziness2. Lack of Proper Diet• Plenty of water intake (2-3L/day minimum)• Daily Milk, fruits & DASH diet• No processed ...

Cerebral Palsy

>90% of Cerebral palsy children's are not getting correct treatment on correct time because of our policies, Poor & incomplete knowledge & incompetent Medical Council of India. There are written policies regarding management of children with special needs and that should be followed ...

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