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Leg muscle pain

I getting pain on my left leg from September 2016 to still, When i sand from sitting position and start the walk where i getting pain on back muscle (ham) of left leg,. the pain still continue about 10 minutes, then i feeling normal. please give me advise for this problem. thanks for support.

Lower back ache with leg ache

I hv lower back pain with leg pain since 2 yrs. Mri shows bulging in discs. Now the problem is increased. Im unable to sit or stand for more than 30 min. There is heaviness n numbness in my back. I did physiotherapy for the same pain had subsided but nw the pain is worse

Possible Bone Bruise

​   My name is Andrew. Earlier today I was playing tennis and around 10:30 am, I landed very hard on my left side. I tried to play again but I could not and so I got ice and sat down. During this, it was extremely painful to walk. The worst part was where I had made contact, which is on my hip, but I felt pain all through my leg. Eventually, that pain specifically subsided but the pain in hip is much worse. I suppose I have a bone contusion there. If I bruised the bone, this could take months to heal. In a couple weeks, I am due to start my last season of tennis. Would it still be safe to play or am I out for the season? Key things: ​When I sit or lay down, the pain is much worse if I had just kept moving. ​There is no physical evidence of a bruise (which leads me to believe that this is a bone bruise). ​Also, if you are able to, can you tell me the best position my leg should be in? I have never really had an injury to this extent, severity wise, and I could use a few pointe

Pain in my thigh when I fold my knee

Hi, Last night when I was playing football, I got hit on my thigh by a guy's knee. Feeling extreme pain when I fold my knee or when I try to stretch my thigh.

My 6year old boy have Lt clavicle #.

My 06 year old son last night fall down on Flor and suffering to the clavicle fracture Lt shon in x ray . I apply clavicle brace. But what do and extera for better tretmant. All orthopedic center are close today due to the sunday.any doctor are open his clinic pls infom and tell .e managmant of clavicle fracture.

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Dr. Nitish Mandal - Spine And Pain Specialist
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