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Eye strain on wearing spects

I have tested my eyes with eye doctor and he prescribed the updated spherical power , ignoring the cylindrical power which i was getting first time in 8 years of .25 in only left eye.Now ,I am getting strain in left eye while wearing the glasses of only spherical power , what to do in this situation as doctor prescribed only sperical,age 23 yrs old

Constant redish eye which is irritate

I have a promblem in right eye which is irritating me and it red from last night what isSproblem any one can suggest me the eyedrop and any other tablet for this

Glucoma problem of my father

Dear Sir, My father is 75+ year old , his eye got damaged more than 60% due to Glucoma. Are you taking care of Glucoma patient also.

Bloodshot Eye

On left eye bloodshot is there from last 2 days. And now it is paining a bit.... Can I use OFLOX-D

A diabetic doing a eye lasik surgery

I'm 27 and a diabetic, type 1 for 9 years and i use novorapid ( 30 units a day) + lantus (30units a day). my recent HBA1C was 7.2 and the result is for 2 days before. is it ok for me to do a Lasik ( PRK) surgery on my eyes ( -4.5 and -4.5 & no astigmatism) next week? or i have to wait for a better HBA1C? if so, how long?

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Ten Tips to Take Care of Contact Lenses

1. Check your proper refraction from Ophthalmologist.2. Glasses Power and Contact Lenses Power are different in many cases.3. Learn how to wear and remove contact Lenses daily.4. Daily change Contact Lens Solution from Lens kit.5. Boil Lens kit once a month in the ...

Dispelling Myths About Lasik!

One of the most cutting edge eye procedures which has been very successful in practice and has been loved by millions of patients is LASIK. LASIK is a form of eye surgery performed with the help of a precise laser and is very effective in correcting Nearsightedness, Farsightedness as well as ...

5 Important Tips to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Nowadays the number of patients with complaints of eye fatigue , burning sensation in the eyes by the end of day, watery eyes have increased manifold and 80% of them have computer usage more than 2 hours daily. Some people might even complain of irritating behaviour by the end of the day or ...

Tten Commandments to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Ten  Commandments to avoid computer vision syndrome1 screen distance should be at least 25 inches2 Keep the monitor slightly tilted ie monitor top should be slightly farther from the eyes than  its bottom3 Screen Dark letters on a light background4 viewing ...

Diabetes and Your Eyes

Q. Can diabetes affect my eyes ?A .Yes. Just like diabetes affects the heart, kidneys, nerves, blood vessels etc, it can affect the eyes too. Infact, diabetes is a disease which causes imbalances in the entire body.Q. How does diabetes damage my eyes ?A. The retina is the most ...

Dr. Rahul Jain - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Rahul Jain Ophthalmologist (MBBS, DOMS, Fellowship in Glaucoma) 8 years experience Dr. Jain's Eye Clinic
1662 recommendations BTM Layout, Bangalore INR 300
Dr. Sirish Nelivigi - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Sirish Nelivigi Ophthalmologist (MBBS, DNB - Ophthalmology, Fellowship in Anterior Segment (FIAS), Fellowship in Glaucoma) 22 years experience Nelivigi Eye Hospital And Surgical Centre.
512 recommendations Bellandur, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Sanghamitra Burman - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Sanghamitra Burman Ophthalmologist (MBBS, MD - Ophthalmology, FICO, DNB - Ophthalmology, FRCS - Ophthalmology) 20 years experience SightYears Eye Clinic
506 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. T A Srikanth - Ophthalmologist
Dr. T A Srikanth Ophthalmologist (MBBS, MD - Ophthalmology, MNAMS - Ophthalmology) 33 years experience Tirumalai Eye Clinic : A Super Speciality Centre
2011 recommendations Jayanagar, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Sanjeev Madan - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Sanjeev Madan Ophthalmologist (MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology) 32 years experience Whitefield Eye Clinic
122 recommendations Whitefield, Bangalore INR 500