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Hemorrid 4th stage srgery

He had hemorrid 4th stage surgery 3 month back . But still didnot feel much better. Pain and occation bletting is there whenever he had motion.Please recommed a good Doctor or Hospital for such patient.

Took tb medicine in late

Hi, i am in tb treatment from 3 months. I take the drugs in morning always in same time at 9.20 am before breakfast. But however today i took the drug 1 hour late at 10.30 am and then took the breakfast at 11.30 am. Please tell me is it fine or should i go to my doctor soon? Because i read in a article that we should take the tb drug in same time. Or is there a risk i made today for MDR tb?

Left leg pain @sciatica

Sciatica pain on left leg. Started 5 months back. How to treat? Without surgery can I relieve? Kindly suggest me the way to proceed

Continuous headache

I am facing headache and weakness problem all the time since 2-3 years. I hardly feel that i am fit and normal because every other day my head is in uneasy state and not sure if its migrane or something else. I have aneurism near the neck throat region in which i get swelling due to any stress on vein. When i speak more then also it affects a lot and so daily activities are affected as i dont feel energetic. I have showed many doctors for aneurism but they said to leave it like that. What will be the best way to solve this issue.

I am very slim

I want to gain weigt , i am suffering from weghtloss , sometime i feel darkness when i suddenly wake up, please help how to gain weight

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Do Keep a Fast on Karvachauth, It Helps Mental Health of Women!

The day belongs to married women and there is no harm in keeping a fast for one day from morning till the evening when Moon is seen as a curve. Women collect together before Sunset dressed in finery as a New Bride and listen to Katha ( the folk tale ) about Significance of a Woman, keeping a ...

Today Is International Day of Girl child. It Also Happens to Be Celebration of Good Over Evil

Day of celebration for daughters of the world. Why should Indian daughters Not be part of it?Society in India is divided like never before. One part says no more after 1 girl , others keep on trying till they get the blessed son. Yes doctors do help them despite laws like PNDT act 1994 ...

3 Important Tips to Recover From Cold and Flu.

Cold and Flu are Not seasonal illnesses. In Delhi the Humidity levels are almost 100%,means water vapors which are not visible to our eyes but air is full of them and these vapors entrap germs of flu & other illnesses, allergy causing elements like pollen,dust, paints,building material,fumes ...

Wash Vegetables & Fruits, Eat Them Without Rinsing Again With Water.

Diabetics are aware of benefits of Methi (Fenugreek seeds). It does bring down levels of sugar and cholesterol, how it brings about the change needs to be reviewed and studies need to be done to reassure people about advantages of simple and cheap seeds of Methi which gives Iron and folic acids ...

''Marfan Syndrome''

Marfan syndrome is a systemic connective tissue disorder with a frequency of 2 to 3 in 10,000. The disorder is characterized by manifestations involving the cardiovascular, skeletal,and ocular systems. Current diagnostic criteria are based on the involvement of above organ systems and family ...

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