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Knee pains

While playing badminton, I got jerk in my right knee. Now cramp is still continuing. If leg gets tilted sideways, heavy pain is there. But I could walk with cramp. Pl guide .

Lateral pelvic tilt

My right leg seems to be shorter and my body seems bent towards the right. I feel this is causing constipation and doing psoas, ql, hip related stretches provides some relief.i feel I am running in circles and not able to find the root cause. What line of treatment should I follow?

Lower back pain

I started having lower back pain in my right side. It felt like stabbing and lasted about 3 minutes. After a half a week of that the pain spred from my right to left and lasted about 10 minutes. Now my entire lower back hurts. The pain is not stabbing but aching and lasts about an 1 hour.

Muscle and joint pain

I have been suffering from muscle and joint pain for a few months. I cannot sit or stand for more than 15 minutes. When I wake up in the morning my back pains very severely. I am also having neck pain and headache.

Scaphoid non union

I had a surgery of a 6 month scaphoid non union on 31/12/2016 (open reduction screw fixation with hip bone grafting with k-wire for support). My hand was in cast for about a month and a half. I still have a lot of pain and the doctor says everything is fine. The cast, k-wire and stitches were removed on 21/01/2017. I think the surgery failed as the x-rays don't look the the ones on internet. The doctor gave me a wrist cock up splint for support. Will i be in pain for the rest of my life? My parents say don't argue with the doctor. He's a professional and you're not.

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Management of Shoulder Pain & Stiffness

MANAGEMENT OF SHOULDER PAIN & STIFFNESSAre you suffering from shoulder pain & stiffness. It can be very disturbing and painful. More than you can express it to your doctor. You may find trouble sleeping. You may become fearful of any activity as the pain can suddenly attack ...

How to Prevent Sports Injuries & Improve Performance:

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Newer Advances in the Treatment of Tendinopathies (Tennis Elbow, Heel Pain, Knee Pain)

Tendinopathy is a very chronic, recurrent and debilitating problem. Tennis elbow, patellar tendinitis (Anterior knee pain), Achilles tendinitis & plantar fasciitis (Heel cord and heel pain) are the source of nagging and troublesome pain. It can halt a successful sports ...

Exercises To Do After Knee Replacement Surgery

            Exercise will help you to recover from knee replacement surgery. Most of the doctors suggest to do exercise after knee replacement surgery. According to Dr. Kunal Patel, Exercise is important to improve the motion of your knee as well as to ...

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