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Frequent Throat infection

I used to get ill very frequently. There is throat infection, cough, cold, fever. I feel its due to poor immunity. Please suggest something to improve immunity.

Vitamin d3 deficiencies

Hi, I need to take some vitamin d3 supplements immediately. Can you suggest which one to buy. There are 2000Iu and 5000Iu available in medical stores. Txs Sweta

Feel too cold

Sir i feel very cold compare to others.For few min staying in different  temp make me snezeeing and water is coming continously from nose. My eosinophil count is 6. This problem appears since last 3-4 months. Some times dry cough make me uncomfortable and coughing continue untill white cough comes out and after that its completely normal. The problem mainly arries at morning after 3-4 hr it becoms normal.

Prolonged fever

Sir , i was on 3 doses per week ATT treatmentas doctor found the cause of fever is drug induced fever , doctor stops the ATT for 4 days... no fever occurs on those days after that doctor gave isonizid and ethambtol ,fever is 101.7 after gap of one day doctor gave pyrizidine,fever is 101.7 now from today doctor start daily dose of ATT ,today fever is 103 and according to doctor treatment is mandatory for curing the disease and it is also the possiblity that i have to take ATT along with paracetamol and chlorpromizine currently four drugs is in followup.... E,P,R,I reports like CBC ,LFT, altrasound of chest and abdomen are normal but infection patches are more in right lung and a part in left lung also 06/04/2017 6:18PM treatment starts on 22 feb....and culture report is about to release on 10 april

I have joint pains and obesity

Some times i am getting uneasy and feeling very lonely last six to seven years my weight 72 to 79 kgs. I want to reduce my weight as soon as possible

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