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Stomach pain

Dear sir My age 25 male Name steven kindly suggest me My Widal test report, O. 1:80,H1:40,AH1:20,BH1:20 Local DR says it is fever but stomach pain.

Mumps symptoms and complications

I had mumps 15 days ago in the right side of my face, but the symptoms disappeared within 7 days, but there is still a little bit of mumps under my ear exactly and it has been 15 days and it did not disappear completely. What should I do? Is that dangerous?

Blood count regarding

My husband had facing  fever and joint pain on last two week , now he recover from fever but my leukocyte count 3000.  Biological reference is 4000 to 11000 . Platelet count is 202000 Serum CRP 32.30 (biological reference upto -5 ) and neutrophils count is 74 % (b reference 50% - 70%) . We done this same tests at three times & results is same. And he facing full time tiredness. Sir why his leukocyte count decrease in body ? Sir how can we boost this count ?Is this any major problems?

Medicine regarding high bp

I was diagnosed with primary hypertension 4 years back, bp some time shot up to 160/99 After much permutation and combination my meds decided were irovel h and ciplar la 40 mg once daily. For the past 3 years after medication my varied in between 125/85 to 149/90 But from the past 2 months i started going to gym and sincenthen lost 4 kg of wait. Now my bp is 117/ 77 in left arm never above 120/ 80 In right arm my bp is 107/66 and never above 110/70 since last 3 months. My question is weather my medicine should be reduced or can be stoped all togather.???

My wife has become weak

My wife looks too weak and her wait is reduced a little. Her face puffiness is gone. Please help us which doctor to approach for this problems. She looks too weak for me.

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