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Need doctor for visiting at home

She is not able to take solid food and on bed only for about 5 days. So we need a doctor to see her at home.

Constant problem

For past 1 year I have experienced sudden darkening of facial skin and mental fogginess when I go out in sun. I have back pain in lower back at regular intervals and I have night sweat and pea like lump in chin for 1 month. Before waking up I have shivering in both hands at regular interval.

Stomach flatulence &fell down two times

I had a stomach flatulence and went to motion for two times and have some feverish feeling so took crocin (not sure if the tablet is expired). Had butter milk and slept and after some time again got stomach flatulence and thought of going to washroom but fell down couple of times without knowing. Went to washroom for motion, motion i had is normal not in liquid state. There is lot of sweat after that and finally slept. morning everything is normal but still have some weakness. Please suggest

Infected Sebaceous Cyst

I have developed an infected sebaceous cyst on my thigh. I consulted my family physician and he put me on a course on antibiotics. When it worsened, he drained the puss and put me on another course of antibiotics. It seemed to dry out but it has reoccurred again making the cyst sore, tender and red along with pain. What should i do? Whom should i consult, general physician, dermatologist or surgeon?

Pain in shoulder arm and palm

My wife has been suffering from pain in her shoulder, arms and palm simultaneously. She is 38 years. Pls help what can be a possible problem and cure

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5 Ways to Recover Well From a Sports Injury

These tips are applicable to a Sports injury or any injury, both minor or major which took place during the routine day to day life. A minor injury means that the X-ray has confirmed about no bone is fractured.Consider a basic rule-The process of healing starts as soon as the ...

5 Everyday Life Choices to Prevent Lung Diseases

1)Clean Air 2)Lung exercises with Incentive Spirometer 3)Proper rest and sleep 4) Eating Right 5) SteamIrony is staring at me while writing this piece-Pollution levels in Delhi are higher than 500 !It has given me incentive to take care of my lungs and share the ...

4 Healthy Tips for Thyroid Cure

Yes the Cure is within us and that too without medicines.1) Neurobic Exercises do help the thyroid to function well.What is Neurobolic Exercise?These exercises focus on memory and ability to learn and retain the new learning.These exercises do delay Mental ...


HealthI believe that health is our ability to feel fresh and energetic at the beginning of day  and our ability to self manage well ourselves when we are facing physical, mental and social changes. So it is a state of complete mental, physical and social well being and ...

Postural Defects

Posture is a very basic and simple word, but most of the people are ignorant about their wrong posture. In most of the cases, the wrong posture may be adaptive, related to work or faulty lifestyle. It can be rectified quite easily by releasing tight structures & strengthening weaker ...

Dr. Ravishankar Reddy C. R. - General Physician
Dr. Ravishankar Reddy C. R. General Physician (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DNB - Neurology) 25 years experience Marvel Hospital and Fertility Centre
716 recommendations Koramangala 1 Block, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Sharada Shekar - General Physician
Dr. Sharada Shekar General Physician (MBBS, MRCP (IREI)) 37 years experience Dr. Sharada Shekar Clinic
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Dr. SS Kumar - Internal Medicine
Dr. SS Kumar Internal Medicine (MBBS, MD - General Medicine) 37 years experience Dr. S S Kumar Clinic
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Dr. Jaya Bajaj - General Physician
Dr. Jaya Bajaj General Physician (MBBS, ABFM) 13 years experience Vera Health
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Dr. Karunesh Kumar H S - General Physician
Dr. Karunesh Kumar H S General Physician (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, CCEDM) 23 years experience Pristine Consultation And Diagnostics
128 recommendations Koramangala 8 Block, Bangalore INR 400