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Migrainen pain

I am suffering from migraine pains before 15 year , please help any medicine and yoga , I want get right in this problems plz

Lower back problem ,, L5

Its been almost 5 years ,, body stiffness from the very begining ,,, was regular in all sports ,,,, now have lower back problem for the last 5 years ,

Bleeding occured in brain

At present she is admitted. Please suggest how to improve her condition. I shall be very greatest to you. On Thursday she felt some uneasiness and therefore shown at Deepak memorial hospital,karkardooma,delhi. They told that her pulse rate is fluctuating/running very high and they suggested to go to some other hospital. Then she admitted to METRO hospital. Preet Vihar,Delhi. By Friday evening her pulse rates were stabilised(I mean not as high as it was on Thursday) but TLC was still on higher side. Doctor said as TLC will get controlled , he will perform angiography. BUT, on early Saturday morning at around 12:30am doctor noyiced she has got some kind of stroke etc and according to CT SCAN revealed that the bleeding has taken place on the right side of her brain. Then they said the neurologist will come tomorrow at 1;00pm and will guide further as according to them there is no problem due to heart or medication being given. THE NEUROLOGIST ON SATURDAY visited at around 03:00 pm.

Severe headache

Hi.. I am having headache problem since November 2016. Initially I consulted with GP. He suggested to take Dola 60 and some antibiotics. The pain was not reduced. Later in bangalore I consulted with another GP. She suggested me to take sinarest and she gave some antibiotics injection.. though the pain was same. Later I met another doctor who is also a GP. He suggested me to take EEG, MRI brain and MRI Screening charges.. My MRI report shows " the perioptic CSF appears widened with fluid collection that shows hyperintense signals on T2W1 and STIR sequences, flattening of the optic nerve head compressing the selara. The cellar turcica shows. Fluid collection that shows hyperintense signals on T2W images( empty cella syndrome) both temporal horns are dilated. MRI suggestion: Benign raised intracranial tension, normal CO angle and vestibular cochlear nerve... after seeing this report doctor prescribed to me take Maxdom 500 and Sebilium 10 mg for 10 days.pain is not cmpltly reduced. Pls sgt

Alzheimer dementia

From past 3 years he suffering from dementia,he is not able to do his daily activities by himself,memory power is totally weakened.can this disease be cured?is there any treatment for this diesease

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