Chlamydia Treatment

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Chronic Inflammatory Cell

Subepithelially few collections of chronic inflammatory cells are seen. Is this a major problem and is it effect the infection to throat?

Abnormal penile secretion

Sir.I am at penile tract is normally always wet with precum fluid in minute quantity and will come out only when special emotion happen.I consulted a urologist and told me that it's not a disease and may reduce it after marriage.I am not satisfied with there any solution for this.will it be normal in future or after marriage sir?

Frequent urination

Hi Doctor, I have frequent urination for the past 10 days. My physician did my urine routine and culture, whole abdomen ultrasound as well as sugar test but all were normal. I feel burning sensation in my urinary area wh en i hold urine and after i urinate.

Blood urine

Evening after drunk water urine coming very fastly i went toilet started immediately cough came that's it from urine blood came burning frim that time while urine burning n blood coming so please help

Urin mixed with blood

I could see some blood coming while urinating , only during urinating , that too not much amount , it looks like red color powder mixed with urine type . I am more worried, I dnt have any pain in lower abdomen o r somewhere but feels like it's being more sensitive .

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10 Super Foods That Increase Sperm Count

1. EggsEggs are considered a great option to increase sperm count, as well as improve their motility. High in vitamin E and full of protein, eating eggs protect sperm cells from the free radicals that can decrease your count. These nutrients assist in the production of strong and healthy sperm, ...

4 Myths That Might Be Spoiling Your Sex Life

Call them myths or even old wives’ tales, these false notions about sex maybe the hurdle between you and carnal bliss.There’s a dangerous idea that some people have about sex being effortless when you are with the ‘right’ person. Just because sex education is often called ‘the facts of ...

10 Advantages of Having Regular Sex

Makes your heart healthier Studies have shown that as the frequency of orgasms increases over a period of time, the risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack reduces drastically. During the activity, the most intense moment are equivalent to walking approximately 8 kilometers per ...

Letting Go Is the Best Aphrodisiac and Marriage Problems Solver

Letting go and speaking up or crying out is the best aphrodisiac and marriage problems solver says Dr Vaibhav LunkadOf all the cases of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION we get to see at AAIINA clinic 162 shukrawarpeth Pune we found that 40% almost were due to psychosomatic problems such as ...

Female Sexual Dysfunction & Diabetes

Causes of FSD in DiabetesVascular damage can affect blood slupply to the vagina and clitoris which can cause problems with dryness and arousal.Neuropathy can reduce sensitivityDiabetes can also lead to low oestrogen levels which can also affect the lubricationDepression can lead to ...

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