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Hair fall on head

How to regrow hairs on my head and what are measures to strength the scalp to stop hair the excessive musturbation main reason for hair loss??

Red patches in upper thigh

Hi d octor, I have severe redness in my upper thigh part, may it is another type of fungle infection I have used quadiderm, penderm, fourderm,ketoconogole for treatment Still infection persistent Arun

High pigmentation

I am 30 year old with dark skin shade. I have high pigmentation on my forehead since my collge time. I am being treated since last one year to get the rid of this problem. I tried two three dermologist. They are saying it is a case of melasma and it is risky to use heavy peel and laser. I did more than 10 peel and 4-5 mild laser but nothing is workd for me.

Itching problem

Which cream I have to use becoz I have try many creams but it's not good for me I have been last 2 months plzz give me suggestions what should I do

Skin itching all over body

I have scabies and using lyscab soap can i use this soap for head bath also?

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Want to Appear Younger, However Not Plastic Surgery– Ultherapy

Know about Ultherapy: Ultherapy or Ulthera cant one loose or wrinkled skin by exploitation the body’s own healing response.Ulthera can tighten the neck and jawlines or carry a drooping brow for instance that successively reduces the surplus protective fold skin giving the eyes a lot of ...

Mesotherapy - Simple Technique for Hair Growth

Mesotherapy is a hair growing technique that is invasive. Mesotherapy is associated with slight pain unless it is done under local anesthesia. Superficial micro-injections are made below the epidermis of the skin to specific tissues.The term meso has originated from mesoderm which is the second ...

Summer Skin Tips

Whether you are just running errands during summer or sweating out hard in the sun, you are at risk of getting damage from the sun. Wrinkles, dark spots, tanning, sunburn even sun allergies occur due to excessive sun exposure. So for this summer face the sun rays with more confidence while you ...

Get Mesotherapy for Beautiful Skin and Hair!

In today’s world, we need not depend only on our genes to be beautiful; thanks to the latest cosmetic procedures. One of them is mesotherapy. It is a non-surgical, cosmetic medicine treatment that was developed in France in 1952.How it works:This technique uses injections of ...

Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatment

Contouring treatments work by killing off a targeted bunch of fat cells. Since the cells aren't any longer there, and might so not expand, the concept is that the dimensions and incidence of these "trouble spots" are reduced for good.  Every contouring treatment solely reduces regarding ...

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