Cerebral Infarction Treatment

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Right side headache

I have right side headache above the right ear potion from the front side till right ear. Please give me some treatment?

Suffering from Headache

He is suffering from siviour headache and he is also suffering from stress and now he have suffering from headache

Not getting sleep

I am unable to sleep properly..there are lot of breaks on the sleep and my right head is aching..I will be distributed easily in the sleep with small sounds also..

Back Pain Problem

My wife have back pain problem since last more than 1 year. Now i have done MRI and doctor said that the disc is minor outside the bone bracket. Below is the MRI Report: FINDINGS: 1) Lumbar spine curvature is maintained. 2) Lumbosacral transitional vertebral is seen in form of sacralization of L5 vertebra. 3) Rest of the vertebral bodies show normal height with signal intensity. L3-L4 and L4-L5 disc desiccation is noted. 4) L1-L2 - No significant neuroforaminal narrowing or spinal canal stenosis. 5) L2-L3 - No significant neuroforaminal narrowing or spinal canal stenosis. IMPRESSION: 1) Lumbosacral transitional vertebral in form of sacralization of L5 vertebra. 2) Broad based posterocentral disc protrusion at L3-L4 level with annular tear, moderately narrowing bilateral lateral recess and neural foramina. 3) Mild diffuse disc bulge at L4-L5 level, mildly narrowing bilateral lateral recess and neural foramina.

Hand tremors, body weakness and nervousn

I'm having problem of hand tremors because of this I feel embarrasse at my work place, I feel very lazy and body pain and tiredness also weakness and regular headache and fever

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8 Health Tips for Those With Lumbar Disc Prolapse

Avoid Forward BendingAvoid Lifting heavy weightsOnly Western Toilets should be used. Avoid Indian Toilets.Sit only in Chairs. Avoid Sitting in Floor.Sleep in Cot. Avoid Sleeping in FloorChange Posture Frequently. Avoid Sitting / Sleeping n Same ...

10 Tips to Keep Your Back Healthy

Stretch your muscles before exercises or heavyworkMake sure of your work places at comfortableheightAvoid high heeled shoesUse furnitures with good lumbar or back support Take a periodic break and stretch your muscles while doing continuous sitting job ...

Dr. Satish Rudrappa - Neurosurgeon
Dr. Satish Rudrappa Neurosurgeon (MBBS, MCh - Neuro Surgery, Fellow in Spine Surgery, Fellow Microvascular Anaesthomosis) 21 years experience Brain & Spine Clinic
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Dr. Arun L Naik Neurosurgeon (MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Neuro Surgery) 16 years experience Premier Specialty Center
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Dr. Arvind Bhateja Neurosurgeon (MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Neuro Surgery) 21 years experience Sita Bhateja Specialty Hospital
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