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Not taking proper diet..

My husband works for aviation..he doesn't take his break office he have his lunch from canteen..he takes alcohol n gutka every day..his day starts with gutka n no breakfast..since two three days he is not at all eating..always say burning sensation in stomach..he got ulcers on worried about his health..his foot also Have infection since many months..plz advise what are the basic test to be done and reason for not eating n burning in stomach

Loose motion

My daughter had five loose motions yesterday and vomited twice. I gave her cyclopam suspension 5 ml and half tablet of vomikind MD 4 yesterday night. After that she slept and didn't vomit. Vomiting has stopped today but she had two loose motions. She gets it after the meal ( I gave her light meal ). What should I give to her to stop loose motions.

Stomach issue

Its been almost 1 year I have been drinking contaminated water.I was feeling extreme weakness and had severe headache.Recently I saw some worms in it and came to know that its water causing the illness.I have become like 45 yrs old,my face has completely changed.I had hooded eyes and has become sunken.I still have stomach related issue.What treatment is necessary to get back to normal state.Should I need to go for scanning of abdomen?

Laparoscopy surgery for gallbladder ston

Helo Doctor , I am thinking to go for laparoscopy surgery of gallbladder stone . Somewhere I heard that sometimes laparoscopy surgery doesn't work so in this case doctor do full surgery to remove gallbladder . Is this the case ? If yes can we get idea before starting surgery ? Please help with your input . Thanks

Digestive problems

Dear Doc, I am suffering from soft and fragmented stool twice / thrice daily. This is accompanied with slight pain in the abdomen and legs joints. This started 2 months back when I suffered from food poisoning and took antibiotics course twice. Then I went to UK and was fine for 15 days. After coming back about 10 days back, I have this problem again. I had taken liquor and the problem seems to have aggravated. Pls advise what medicine should I take.

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Buds Are Not Your Buddies !!

Ear buds are vigorously marketed and promoted all over the world as an essential part of day to day grooming and hygiene. FYI Ear canals do not require any cleaning. Wax is not waste generated by the ear. It has essential functions. It coats the canal and protects it from infections due to its ...

Fatty Liver

Fatty liver is a common problem found in obese people and also sometimes in thin people. It simply means excess fat in the liver.. due to excess consumption of fats and carbohydrates and less of proteins in diet. Long term fatty liver can lead to liver damage or liver cirrhosis with problems ...

Obesity : A New Risk Factor for Acidity and Gas ? Know More

Obesity is an epidemic world wide and has implications on gastrointestinal and Liver diseases: acid reflux , gallstones , fatty liver,  stomach and colon cancers, chronic pancreatitis . Patients undergoing bariatric surgery for morbid obesity are found to have an increased prevalence of ...

10 Tips to Prevent GI Cancer

Here are some useful tips that will help in preventing GI Cancer:1) healthy lifestyle.2) daily exercise to reduce fat overload and increase of muscle mass.3) Adequate fiber in the diet.4) A lot of fruits consumption to get antioxidants in the diet, known to prevent ...

Abdominal Cancers

Abdominal cancers are a dangerous entity as they are directly connected to what we eat and what is digested.they often manifest in late stages unless they are obstructing the pathway.but early they may present as weakness, nausea at sight of food. loss of appetite and weight loss.They may also ...

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