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Cancer patient diet

Do you prescribe cancer patient diet.he is stage 4 and age 47yrs.affected area liver n kidney.

Lump and few white spots in throat, sore

I felt a lump in my throat yesterday for the first time, it forced me to look in my mouth with flash light and it scared me what I seen, I'm really hoping it can be down to stress as I've been feeling a lot of pressure lately but I need to get it checked in case it's the other thing. Is there at all a way I could email someone pictures and have a look for me please


Hello Doctors, My aunt is 46years old and she is diagnosed with Cancer. As per the latest biopsy report it is identified as angiosarcoma of intermediate grade malignancy in Left Thigh. Please let me know on the below points: 1) is it life threatening? 2) please suggest the best doctor to whom we can consult. Till now I got to know about Dr.SH Advani and also TMH mumbai. 3) What should be the primary treatment: Chemo or Surgery. Thanks.

Cancer in liver

My mother have Cancer in liver. My mother age is 64year. Is liver transplant possible. Liver veins have less blood flow.

Lump. Left breast.

Diagnosis: left breast fnac: suspicious. smear shows scanty ductal cells, which are mildly pleomorphic with coarse chromatin patterns and fairly regular nuclear margin. with variable cytoplasm within a eosinophilic hemorrhagic background. Does this mean cancer?

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Dr. Sandeep Nayak - Oncologist
Dr. Sandeep Nayak Oncologist (MBBS, DNB - General Surgery, DNB - Surgical Oncology, MRCS (UK), MNAMS - General Surgery, Fellowship in Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgical Oncology) 18 years experience MACS Clinic
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Dr. Suresh Babu M.C - Oncologist
Dr. Suresh Babu M.C Oncologist (MBBS, MD - Oncology, DM - Oncology) 16 years experience MACS Clinic
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Dr. Shekar Patil - Oncologist
Dr. Shekar Patil Oncologist (MBBS, DM - Oncology) 10 years experience HCG Bangalore Institute Of Oncology Speciality Centre
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Dr. Mahesh Rajashekaraiah - Hematologist
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