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Dandruff problem

Facing dandruff problem since 3 years . Used blucap shampoo past 6 months. No cured completely . Please suggest

Dandruff problem

Problem since 3 years. Past 6months used blue cap shampoo, partial results observed but not sure completely

Pimple like bump?

I'm having a pimple like bump on my forehead. It's not popping alike pimple. So I'm worried what is it? Why is not going it's almost a month it's been there . it is itchy sometimes

Urticaria problem urine and stool. Test

I had urticaria and doctor told. Me. For urine and stool. Test I was in periods when did my test In urine it came rbc 15-20 And in stool it came traces of occult blood Is it Normal

Sun related

If I get sun exposure even for 5 mins I get little bumps on my to deal with it and I even get white patches.

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Facial Rejuvenation With Botox and Fillers

Our bodies change a lot over time due to aging and other factors like lifestyle,pollution, stress levels, etc. One of the areas where the changes are most evident and almost always unwelcome is the face. With age, the lines of expressions start becoming prominent, the skin sags and hence the ...

Treatment Options for Mole Removal - All You Need to Know

Doc, What are the moles? Moles are abnormal collection of pigmented cells, the cells which give colour to the skin. Moles may present since birth, or may appear at any age. The colour, shape, and size may different. They may vary in size, small to large, flat to raised and light ...

Skin Care Tips for Men

  Nowadays more and more men are realizing the importance of men's skin care and the market is flooded with a large number of products for catering to specific skin needs in men. The male skin differs from that of a female structurally, functionally and hormonally. The adult male skin is 10 ...

7 Anti-Aging Secrets That Actually Work

If you are someone looking for ways to look younger and peel the years off of your skin then this write-up is a must read for you. From the food we eat to the hours we sleep and the way we wash our face, all these minor decisions can end up making us seem years older than our chronological age ...

Aphthous Ulcers

An aphthous ulcer is an ulcer that forms on the mucous membranes. They are also called as aphthae, aphthosis or cankersores. Aphthous ulcers generally present as recurrent oval or round ulcers inside the oral cavity. Local trauma, genetic factors, nutritional deficiencies,viral and bacterial ...

Dr. Parthasarathi Dutta Roy - Dermatologist
Dr. Parthasarathi Dutta Roy Dermatologist (B.Sc, MBBS, DDV, MD - Dermatology) 15 years experience Chinmaya Mission Hospital
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Dr. Janet Alexander Castelino - Dermatologist
Dr. Janet Alexander Castelino Dermatologist (MBBS, MD - Dermatology) 24 years experience DermaZeal Clinic - Cosderma Clinic Redefined
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Dr. D A Satish - Dermatologist
Dr. D A Satish Dermatologist (MBBS, MD - Dermatology, FRCP) 36 years experience Skin, Cosmetic & ENT Care Center
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Dr. Rashmi Ravindra - Dermatologist
Dr. Rashmi Ravindra Dermatologist (MBBS, MD - Dermatology, Diploma in Medical Law and Ethics (PGDMLE), Diploma in Medical Cosmetology) 11 years experience Meenakshi Cosmo Derma Care
672 recommendations Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore INR 350