Total Joint Surgery

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Pain in back along with the knee

My mother has severe pain in left side knee and this pain transfers to the back .she consulted too many doctors but no relief from the pain. Doctors recommended for the operation but my mother is not ready for that is there any other way to solve this issue.can you suggest some good doctor. All suggestions in this regard are highly appreciated.

Tear in Extensor tendon of thumb

My brother got injured while playing cricket on his thumb in Bahrain, doctors there have asked him to undergo surgery to correct the bentness of his thumb. Attaching thumb image and report image. Please advice. Thumb doesnt become straight, if tried to do forcibly it hurts him. During normal circumstance there is no pain.

Missed my period

I suffered from spine Tb and on akt 4 for past 5.5 months. Also I am on bed rest for last 5.5 months. Recovery is going fine but whenever I walk for more than 5 minutes or sit for more than 10 minutes even with belt, my lumbar spine starts shaking and I get pain in back of my legs, calf and ankle. Please suggest why is it happening like this.

Tibia & Fibula Comminuted Fracture

Hello, I am an IT professional staying in Delhi. On 27th September, i met an accident where my RE Thunderbird crashed and it broke my right leg bones. I got Comminuted fracture in fibula and tibia. After diagnosis, i underwent a surgury in which a titanium rod is placed with 4 nails and it's fixed in my tibia bone. But my fibula bone is left untreated to let it heal automatically. Is it the right way to execute the surgery and follow treatment? Can it cause any deformity? How long it can take for me to start walking with full load? Can I resume my work after 45 days? Attaching X-rays before-after surgery. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

Noise joint bone noise

Why my joint bone started making so so so much noise like whenever I move a little bit my shoulder my elbow knee neck. Started making tak tak crack noise whenever I stand up sit move my hands. It became so much noisy from the last 2 months why so so so much voice