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Breathing exercises and stretching activities decrease the levels of stress to a great deal.The use of guided imagery to make you feel calm and relaxed is a helpful stress management therapy suggested by therapists.Massage therapies and music therapies are often combined to give a relaxing effect to the body and mind.

Breathing exercises and stretching activities decrease the levels of stress to a great deal.The use of guided imagery to make you feel calm and relaxed is a helpful stress management therapy suggested by therapists.Massage therapies and music therapi ... More

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Commitment phobia

I am in a relation for 1.5 yrs, still m not able to commit that person nd can get distracted to others if they are in constant touch with me. I lv my partner nd have full trust on her but I am not able to see a future with her. Whnevr she is with me I feel happy nd can feel the bond but the moment she goes everything just get vanished .. I broke up with her last week only bcz I don't want to hurt her any more ..but I can't see her going away from him ...why I am not sure why I am leaving her . I know she loves me genuinely nd I also want to love her return ...but my negative thoughts don't allow me do so ...nothing could be more heartbreaking than this ....m losing my confidence , behaving like a failed person , it seems like everything is just out of control and your s it does effect my studies , i am preparing for civil services I have a mental disorder or its something else...plz guide

Alternative to a drug

A friend Of mine is using a drug named mephentermine sulphate 30mg/ml since 6 month By injecting it IV or IM mostly IV He says it calms him and helps him in concentrating. And also in exercises I thought that he is addicted to it but i checked by stopping it for a week and he never demanded it He started with 2ml once a day But now he is becoming immune to it. He sometimes takes 2 doses a day of 4ml each. When i asked him to stop as it may be harmful he said find a safer alternative to it which acts in the same way. Atleast the mental part so that he can prepare for the competition exams and stay energetic. It has also controlled his random one sided headache problem. He lives alone and has family issues. So please suggest an alternative.also tell me about the safe dosage and results. Pros Concentration Activeness Anti depressant Energetic Cons hard stool pain in excrement aftr 3days without going to other problems recorded. mostly advantages

Talking to herself

Since last few months she is talk to herself and smile whole day whether she is working in kitchen or cooking or sitting with family watching TV. Sometimes she start crying without any reason and doesn't tell what is she feeling, She does not socialise with people, like to be alone. She is not yet married. Sometimes she is watching tv and skip the entire scene then she ask what happened i don't remember. Plz suggest What condition is this? depression or something else?

Anxiety.people call me mad

I have a mental disorder but I don't know what it is...I am having problems which are affecting my life

Breathing Difficulty and Anxiety Attacks

I've been having difficulty breathing since 1 week now and it's really bad. I used to have trouble breathing since I was 12 (I'm 16 now) I think it's because of psychological reasons as my board exams are going on and I'm very stressed and anxious. Furthermore this makes studying really hard. I also have trouble sleeping because of this I have to get up and go to the balcony often as I feel suffocated. Should I go to a therapist or a pulmonologist what should i do if my breathing gets worse? Should I go to a therapist or a pulmonologist? What are your views

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Family Pornography Destroys Kids"my Mum Dresses Up Before Me"!

I counselled a young guy who was addicted to pronography He told me he can't do without it. One thing that struck me in his confession was when he said, 'my mum caused all this for me'.Curiosity got hold of me & I asked him, how? He said, my mum has always been dressing up before me, ...

Modern Age Parenting: Challenges and Solutions

If we go through the human history of developments, we can easily conclude that there has hardly been any change when it comes to the natural process of producing kids. The major and unimaginable change has been in the process of upbringing children. This is the real issue/challenge we need to ...


Dear All, kindly take few minutes to read all this below content,( This write up may help all women who works as tele -callers( Call centers/BPO)Case Mr. Bala ,aged 19yrs called an women/ men over the phone asking relating to sex in an indecent or offensive way. He feels to call by ...

Tips for Overcoming Anger

Tips for overcoming AngerWhen do we experience anger? We experience anger when we are irritated or frustrated. We also get anger when our expectations are not met.Anger is not a positive attitude. It makes us waste our time and energy. It affects our health – ...

Personality Development: What, How and Benefits

Personality is nothing but all the aspects within yourself that makes you who you are and also distinguishes you from others. In the busy world, now a day everyone talks about personality development, enhancement, uplifting etc which talks about changing or altering personality component. But in ...

Dr. Geetha Appachhu - Psychologist
Dr. Geetha Appachhu Psychologist (Post doctoral research in collaboration with NTNU, PhD - Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology, Bachelors Degree with Psychology Honours & Distinction) 25 years experience Swapreran - Psychological Counselling and Wellness Clinic
148 recommendations BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Safiya M.S - Psychiatrist
Dr. Safiya M.S Psychiatrist (MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry)) 8 years experience Mind & Brain Clinic
2156 recommendations Sahakaranagar, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Vinod Chebbi - Psychologist
Dr. Vinod Chebbi Psychologist (B.Sc, MBBS, F-CSEPI, MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, Certified Meta - NLP) 41 years experience Medisex Foundation
118 recommendations Rajajinagar, Bangalore INR 2000
Mr. Nitin Mehra - Psychologist
Mr. Nitin Mehra Psychologist (Master In Counselling Psychology, B.Tech - Computer Sciences) 6 years experience Avishi Dental World & Multi-Speciality Clinic
136 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Sulata Shenoy - Psychologist
Dr. Sulata Shenoy Psychologist (PhD - Psychology, MA - Clinical Psychology, M.Phil - Psychology) 39 years experience Turning Point Psychological Centre
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