Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Treatment

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Head injury

I fell down from my bed tonight. While I was sleeping, I accidentally came to the side of the bed and took a turn and I fell down.My bed is 3 feets tall. My floor is made of concrete and marble was attached to it so it is very hard. I got hurt in my head after I fall. It is paining a little bit. I took painkillers. Will that hurt in my head damage my brain? I am a student and I have much to read.... will the hurt in my headharm my brain? Will I loss my memory power?

TBM after 11th month of treatment

9th September, 2017 diagnosed with Tuberculosis Meningitis (TBM) from then initially AKT4 , prednisolone and many supporting medicine was running. Then few days later cyclophosphamide was introduced after getting a series of brain strokes and that medicine was continued for 1month along with other medicines. Due to affect on immunity system cyclophosphamide was replaced with MMF and was continued for 6month 2tab a day. After 3 month of AKT4 , AKT3 was introduced and was running from 4th to 10th month. At the end of 2nd month of the treatment he came from hospital to home. At that point of time he was not able to sit, walk, talk and eat by himself and even had difficulty to move his all 4 limbs. Gradually he became capable of moving legs and hands , then he started talking and eating by himself. From the initial day in hospital  physiotherapy had been given to him and still the same is running everyday. should he continue the AKT treatment now also ?  Time to recover TBM completely?

Thoracic compressive myelopathy T4-6

Imbalanced walk( needs some supportwhile walking) with numbness,tremors and stiffness in both legs..pls suggest better treatment to cure....

Calming basolateral amygdala use in rage

I'm asking purely as a hypothesis,in temporal lobe epilepsy, what drugs do that besides topiramate??

Sudden onset double vision

My jijaji has devloped sudden onset double vision 2 days back.. Associated with headache.Double vision devloped after watching movie in Theatre at that time severe headache occured. But now headache is improved but double vision persist. It is monocular type of double vision. After that he is done with MRI,MR venography and eye examination, both were normal. He has hypothyroidism, taking eltroxin. His current BP was 130/90. His father died with Multiple sclerosis. What should we do now.. We are very tensed about multioke sclerosis. Please help

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Ankylosing Spondylitis

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Dr. N Chandrashekar Neurosurgeon (MCh - Neuro Surgery, MBBS) 26 years experience Sakra World Hospital
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