Renal (Kidney) Surgery

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Transplant recipient

Few days out come are not proper body was swelling can't able to take water more than 1litr in transplant kidney biopsy were done #result =iga nepropathy urine protein was 4+

Uncontrolled Urination

Hi , My grandma is suffering from uncontrollable urination. Could you please help us in understanding the possible cause of this. Thanks , Nupur​

My father's creatine level 1.43

My father's creatine level is 1.43.It has increased from 1.20 in 3 years.His urea is normal.We have consulted reputed Nephrologists.They all take it casually.I am really worried. What should we do?

Left kidney and back pain

Left kidney is mildly enlarged in size 13.2cm .Mild prominence of pelvi-calyceal system and ureter due to distended bladder.There is a small cortical cyst of 1.8×0.9 cm in Mild pole region.No calculi.

Constant headache , fever, weakness

I have a habit of eating a lot of ice ....its been a long tym around 4-5 mths ......nd from some days m feeling weakness.......most of the tym i have severe headache , i get tired very soon, also sometyms i have problem in proper breathing....... Ndd m having urine infection also.. After having the widal test done it came out to be ...typhi "O" 1:120 positive and tyhi "H" 1:60 positive So what does it depict do i have typhoid or not and at what level.......

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Kidney Disease Sufferers Doubled in India in 15 Years

New Delhi, Aug 19 (IANS) The number of Indians suffering from chronic kidney ailments has doubled in the past 15 years, and at present 17 in every hundred citizens suffer from some form of kidney disease, health experts have said.The experts noted that several Indian population-based studies in ...

Preventing Diabetic Kidney Disease

Preventing Chronic Kidney Disease When You Have DiabetesAccording to The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, diabetes is the cause of approximately 44% of all new cases of diabetic nephropathy. Nephropathy is a medical term for kidney disease. Diabetes can cause damage to the filters in your kidneys ...

Nephrotic Syndrome ; We Understand the Kids Better

Nephrotic syndrome is a type of kidney disorder wherein, the body passes out the excess amount of proteins through urine, owing to the damage caused to the tiny clusters of blood vessels in the kidneys. The symptoms include putting on excessive weight as a result of fluid retention, foamy urine ...

Is Kidney Damage Irreversible?

It is common belief that kidney diseases are irreversible and lead to permanent dialysis. However, this is not true. Most of the kidney diseases are treatable and many have a cure. Let’s focus on some importantissues which are neglected leading to kidney failure.Young ...

High Creatinine on Dialysis

Last week I met an anxious patient in my clinic. He was a young guy having end stage kidney disease (ESKD or ESRD) on regular 3 times per week hemodialysis. He exclaimed, "Doc I'm scared. Inspite of 3 times a week dialysis my creatinine levels have gone up from 6mg/dl (3 months ago) to ...

Dr. Gokulnath - Nephrologist
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