Patellar Dislocation Exercises

Kneecap dislocation occurs when your triangle-shaped bone that covers the patella (knee) moves and slides out of its place. During the acute phase, the kneecap dislocation correction procedure involves lessening loads by various postural correction, shoe changes and activity modifications.Knee swelling or inflammation is a significant sign of kneecap dislocation.

Kneecap dislocation occurs when your triangle-shaped bone that covers the patella (knee) moves and slides out of its place. During the acute phase, the kneecap dislocation correction procedure involves lessening loads by various postural correction, ... More

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Pain In The Left Side of Body

Hello Doctor, For two continues days i feel pain in my left side of my body feeling pain and tired if i move my hand and pain in the chest, And the most annoying thing that my left hand feels so cold but my right hand not, also feel pain in my left feet to the toes and they are cold! im nervous i don't know what's happened to my body please help me doctor :(

Swelling and pain in Knees

I am 55 years, female, have Knee pain since last 1 year, swelling & stiffness.

Post Hip Dislocation - Reduction Problem

It has been one week i.e. on the 14th morning I went through a closed reduction for my hip dislocation. I was then discharged on 19th afternoon, I have been at home since 3days now with a skin traction for my left leg. But my left knee is paining a lot and there a great amount of swelling. I have a Tynor Leg Traction Brace which has 3straps and I've tied up with that for the last 3 days.  how do i control the swelling and pain in the knee.. is the traction wrong or the position of the pillow beneath my leg wrong thats causing my knee to swell up? please advice

Distal radius fracture

Fratured my left hand on 11 Dec distal radius on left hand initially tried with cast fir one month but failed as didn't joined St exact position so got operated with t plate surgery but today after 6 days I have seen my wrist not getting twisted as it still in that condition when we put band inside cast

Bump in upper foot

I have a small bulged tissue type in my upper foot. It's not painful but it seems to be abnormal. I infer that it's a tissue and not bone as it's not hard to presa

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Heel Pain: Common Myths Busted

COMMON QUESTIONS ANSWEREDHeel pain is the commonest condition for which patient visits doctor especially orthopaedic surgeons. There are various causes for this and the most common condition is:PLANTAR FASCITISThis is basically swelling of a thick layer of soft tissue under ...

Supplements vs. Food for Arthritis

Good-for-you, foods provide a vast spectrum of nutrients important to battling arthritis inflammation, strengthening bones, fighting disease and generally helping you feel your best. So why not load up on vitamin and mineral supplements to make sure you’re getting enough of these ...

5 Tips to Improve Herniated Disc Problem

Herniated disc or slip disc is a condition in which disc present between two vertebrae bulge outside its assigned space and compress the spinal cord or any nerve passing adjacent to it. This compression causes pain, numbness, and tingling sensation. But fortunately, this can now be treated ...

Role of Menopause in Osteoporosis

In the recent past years, there has been a significant increase in the number of patients who complain about pain related to bones and most of the cases, identified in old age, are found to be osteoporosis. And among these patients, a good part comprises female sufferers.But why is it ...

Is Your Foot or Ankle Giving You Trouble? Common Foot and Ankle Problems You Should Know About!

It is estimated that in an average lifetime, we use our feet to walk the equivalent of five times the circumference of the earth. As we walk, the foot helps us to accommodate for the undulations of the ground adding to the stress to over 50 bones and joints that make up the foot and ankle. ...

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