Knee Dislocation Surgery

Knee dislocation is a rare incident happening after a major trauma that includes car crashes, high-speed injuries and falls. With advancement in technology several surgical options are made available; one of which is acute repair performed to directly repair the ligament avulsions. Based on how your knee looks, doctors start the diagnosis procedure and ask for x-rays, pulse examination and an arteriogram.

Knee dislocation is a rare incident happening after a major trauma that includes car crashes, high-speed injuries and falls. With advancement in technology several surgical options are made available; one of which is acute repair performed to directl ... More

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Knee problem

Hello,i while playing badminton i twisted my knee last december.there was no swelling(may be a lil bit).this march i did mri as there was still pain in my knee.the result was following. 1)grade-1 tear involving foemoral attachment site of acl showing increased thickness t2/pd signal. 2)anterior horn of lateral meniscus shows an articular surface vertical tear measuring 4mm. 3)strain involving mcl. 4)mild knee joint diffusion my questions are will that tear heal?i heard it wont ever.if yes then in how much time?and i stopped going to gym since dec should i go again?

Acl injury

Iam suffering from acl injury for the past 2 years can a sports injury surgery possible without screws...

Swelling and pain in foot

Having swelling and pain in foot muscle from 1 month after marriage i was taking novelion, inhaler for dust allergy the pain in normaly in evening and night. Pain is from knee to foot

Heel is paining

I got pain in both heels. I thought it was because of the long walk I did on previous week. But the pain is still there for 10 days. Just wanted to know if it's normal or I should take this seriously and consult a doctor.

Factors affecting height in gym

I am17 years old and i am 5.5 feet tall my father is 5.11 feet my mother is 5.2 feet tall i wanna do gym does it affect my height sir/madam..and there are any chances of any increase in my height ... and does gym will affect my height...kindly let me know

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Knee Pain Despite Total Knee Replacement

Immunex-A Joint Pain ClinicAny joint in the body may be affected by inflammation along with joints deteriorating with age, leading to pain. According to WHO, it is particularly common in the knee. It could become a serious disability and affect daily activities.Knee replacement surgery is usually ...

Does Knee Replacement Surgery Cause Cancer?

Overview:The knees provide stable support to the body. They allow the legs to bend and straighten, along with providing flexibility and the stability needed to stand, walk, run, crouch, jump, etc. Knee problems may become a serious disability for many people as it affects day-to-day activities ...

Painless Knee Replacement? Is It Possible?

Pain after Knee / Hip Replacement Surgery can be a worrisome factor that deters the determination to undergo surgery.With recent advances it is possible to replace a joint via Minimally Invasive Techniques, wherein patients enjoy painless postoperative period. With this technique your new knee ...

Soak in Sunshine and Rid Your Vit D Deficiency!

Vitamin D is the “sunshine Vitamin”, so isn’t it paradoxical that it ‘s deficiency is so prevalent in our country of such abundant sunshine?Although the general awareness about Vitamin D is on the rise, there are many questions that come to mind- How is Vitamin D linked to sunshine, how ...

Precautions After Hip Replacement Surgery

Sometimes injury cause to Hip or Hip pain can be easily eliminated by simple home remedies or medicines. But if any alternative method does not support you have to consult to an orthopedic doctor. He may consult a hip replacement surgery to you. Thus, you have to follow every suggestion and ...

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