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Sleeping apnea

My father has a sleep apnea problem....he is currently using CPAP machine at night...pls let me know which doctor to consult....

Excessive yawning

For last few days, I am having a problem of excessive yawning. I could not sleep well in last couple of months due to work pressure. Feeling pain in eyes. Want to sleep but not able to do so.

Sleeping Problem

DOCTOR Yesterday night i was sleep at 11:25 in my cooler`s room and today at 6:45 i found myself in another room. And really i dont how i came trying to think hard but still i cant think that how i came in another room. I think you got my point. Sorry for my english Thank you

Obstructive sleep apnea with ahi 67

After doing sleep study,the report says I am having severe obstructive sleep apnea. Doctor also says I am having left DNS with spur ,bulkypalate in phaynx and grade 3 tonsils.Doctor is suggesting to go for surgery. Want to check if surgery is the best option in this case

Sleeping problem

While sleeping i feel like my body is moving...mainly legs but when i try to wake up it is hard.but when i somehow wakes up i find that the body was not moving.What is this?? Why is this happening?