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Spread of cancer or brain tumer

Can cancer or brain tumer spread through contact with person having it I have share auto seat with that person Plese help me to know...

Lymphocytes 34% and 3978 cells/

I recently did a blood check up.. Randomly.. For no reason... And i saw my lymphocytes are at 3978 cells/ and also 34%, while neutrophils are at 60% and 7020 cells/ As i was googling the symtoms, i was shocked to see hiv and cancer as the possibilities. Should i be worried. Also my sgot and sgpt is slightly high. Please help. Really worried.

Dots on the back.

I recently noticed a lot of dots on my back. They look similar to large pimples but are turning into black dots instead. I am unsure if it is Dermatology related or Cancer related. Thanks in advance for any feedback. I am attaching the photos with this post.

Anus problem

I have a lump outside my anus and that lump doesn't goes even after the doctor gave me medicine... It is present for along longgg time... And I have problem in passing stool... I can't pass stool as I feel my anus doesn't opens up and I have lots of mucus coming out... M pooping mucus... Please help

Is it cancer

I have sore throat, pain in teeth, feel nausea and sometimes feel pain in collar bones. I used to smoke but just quit it. I was a heavt smoker for almoat 10 years. Please help me understand what is causing this.