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Eye redness with corner itching and pain

Medical History:I have undergone PRK an year ago Dry eyes was the only issue I faced and using refresh tears daily. Now I have eye redness in a single eye, with itching and pain. Suggest me some precaution and medication.

Eye power for 6/6 vision

Is it possible to read 6/6 line (C Chart), with right eye -0.5 and left eye -0.75 spherical power???

Recurring of styl in both eyes

I am a mother of 2 mnts 20 days child, i am suffered from recurring of styl in both eyes(4 times in rt and 1 time in lft) its big in size, cover entire eye, very painful, puss generated i saw this to my opthalogist but relief. It occured by its own and when the bulb broke and puss came it cure as it own but i am worry because of its recurring, the pain and contiunes tearing, cover entire eye cant able to see anything, please help what to do for it.

Dark circles

Hi, I hve dark circles around my eyes which looks so odd... Can anyone pls help me with the cream or some medicine to help reduce it?

Headache after wearing eye glasses

I checked my eyes in july. Doctor number for the glqsses and i think its cylendrical. I am also attaching the slip of doctor. I started wearing this glasses but only when i used laptop almost 8 hours. But now I have headache almost everytime. Kindly chech doc slip and please tell me whether its coz of eye glasses or anything else. He also prescribed vgrain tab and omega 3 tableys for one month which i took only 10 days.