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Vit D deficiency

Hi My vit D levels are 15 and hence under Deficiency category. I am on a diet plan trying to lose weight. Which Tablet should I take to improve my Vit D level and how many times

Diet plan for weight loss

I am weighted 91 kg so want to reduce my weight. currently doing exercise but want a proper diet plan to follow which will help me in reducing weight


I am 28yrs old,height 5' & my weight is 61kg. I am suffering with PCOD/PCOS from last 1month. For this my weight increasing very quickly. How I can reduce my weight as soon as possible.. Pls suggest me.

Weight loss

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 16 years(currently 21 years) and also diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 19years.My current weight is 76kgs.I have gained unexpected weight of 16kgs in a year please help me out and I have tried gymming but it couldn't helped me much and doctor suggested not to do gymming please provide me a diet chart and weight loss tips


I am 29 yr old, having 85kg weight, 177 cm height. I have a belly fat. I want to loose 5 kg weight without physical strain. Please give me a suggestions.