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Depression and anxiety

My doctor had prescribed fluvoxamine 25 in morning, pexep cr 12.5 and amixide h in night, and sulpitac 25mg at night, does this medication is ok for treating depression, my heart palpilate sometimes nd mind get dull. Is because of medicine its happening..?

Bad health

I m emotionally weak...some past connection memories scold me...I have lost someone..much in grief...want to cry not able to much in hell from last 4 years...still struggling to live survive...not have enough energy...


Hello sir/mam i am on PAROXETINE 12.5: week 4.:for my anxiety issues. earlier i was prescribed FLUOXETINE, SERTRALINE, VENELAFAXINE, ESCITALOPRAM but none of them suited me, now i am on PAROXETINE ,my problem is i feel sleepy all the time (it started after PAROXETINE) it's affecting my studies so any solution how can i avoid these issues #sleepy# lazy etc thanks

Fear of ghosts

Unable to sleep at night fear of ghosts. After reading ghost stories or anything related to it. I usually start sleeping after sun rise. How to overcome ? Unable to go to bathroom Unable to stay alone at home Fear of darkness . Fear to close my eyes to sleep Help help

Maladaptive daydreaming

I have this thing called maladaptive daydreaming. I have searched about it on Internet. This was coined by professor Eli somer of Israel. It is not considered as a mental disorder, research is still on. I wanted to know whether in india doctors are treating this or not. I have it and it has made my life miserable. Any suggestions would be very helpful to me