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Hair root/ scalp pain & severe itching

I am facing server itching and scalp hair root tender ness but no hair fall and i can see some flakes as well but not in entire head and the itching majorly is in back side of the head!


Non painful rash on face, steadily and slowly increasing in area. If pressed oozes water like fluid. Initially it was like normal pimples as that of an mosquito bite and was only moderately painful if pressed with hand. The pimples popup near the main rash and then they turn red and then hard black.

Hair greying

I'm male at 30 and have hair greying issue on chest and beard. Some of them have also come up on my eyebrows where we put tikka (during puja). I had hair greying issue starting from 6th class but never expected this so soon for chest and beard. Please suggest

Will cholesterol result skin darkening

Hi I am facing a problem of skin darkening in my face. Is it the result of Cholesterol and LDL or HDL

Herpes zoster

It's been 4 days I have got painful pimples at back...I am a feeding mom.. I have not taken treatment yet.. suggest me good treatment