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Major intracranial flow voids preserved

My father is a heart patient.he has pain on left side of head.Today he started stammering suddenly and  his mouth(lips) gets tilted to right . What can be reason. major intracranial flow voids preserved What does it mean?

Hyperintensity in mri

Sir my brother is suffering from epilepsy from 2 years and now he is having movents disorder symptoms so we did a mri and there is multiple bilateral flair based hyperintensity occupying both side of white matter at frontal parental lobe both teampro parental lobe and both paretal lobe..i am very much worried..please help me..i have also attached copy of mri report.please help me what is the issue.

Severe Headache and no able to sleep

Severe headache and pain on top of head which is causing no sleep. Mild Tingling sensation on cheeks, and hands. Sometimes vomiting maybe due to overthinking or scared. Dolo was taken everytime, but it is becoming daily.

Paralytic stroke

Sudden paralytic stroke 4 days back. left side working with pain and not completely. had chest infection with fever yesterday. reports are attached. please advice chances of recovery and estimated time for the same.

Brain hydrocephalus

My mother is suffering from ovarian cancer stage 3 from april 2018. She had 8 chemotherapy sessions and no surgery. Now she had CTscan of the brain. She had hydrocephalus. I am attaching the ct scan report with this query. Kindly guide us.