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Health Q&A
Ear is clean but feels like blocked,

My ears feels blocked like the one which happens when u r on flight. And i feel that i cant hear properly

Persistent sore throat

I am having a sore throat ( scratchy throat ) with left tonsil swallon for 2 months. I got sore throat worse when I was talking or reading and after eating. While sleeping no issue with that. I tried antibiotics prescribed by ENT doctor But no result I got constipation So give me a solution

Acute tonsillitis

I was having acute tonsillitis, for which I have taken Antibiotics it's ok now. But still can see white tounge and bad smell. How to get relief. Feeling tired end of the day.

There is itching behind the ear

Hello sir there is itching behind the ear and redness just below ear lobe that rough skin and it's burning and some gel type coming out. Please help me what to do

Whistle in left ear

Hi I am feeling whistle in left ear from 3 days What is the treatment.any homeopathic medition or any allopathic treatment for the same Or this will disappear automatically