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Sharp pains in stomach

I get sharp pains in my stomach sometimes and when i sleep, sometimes its like there is something running through my blood streams, from my stomach through to my head

Low vitamin d leads to muscle tightness

Recently done with blood test and I have a vitamin d level as 7.Feel so tightness in my muscles and right side pelvic area,thigh and feet muscles also paining. My work is fully related to Computer and I had slight disc buldge in my Neck and Back Pain and my doc is telling like disc is cured almost and the muscles is not relaxing due to lack of vitamin d. So the muscles are not relaxing because of low Vitamin D?

Urgent. Painfully swollen finger.

I bite my nails. A finger has infected by pus. I tried to drain the fluid, but nothing came out. Now my whole hand hurts. Who do I show this to?

Constant fever for 4 days, aore throat,

I first experienced back pain after I did heavy exercise in the jym. Next day the pain was minimised and developed temperature. It's been 4 days and have constant fever and soar throat. I am taking 2-3 pcm daily but it comes back after few hour Sdid dengue test. It came negative. s. What can be the cause. ?

Overdose tablet

Cholecalciferol tablet 60000 iu i take daily insted of once in a week...m femal age 30

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Importance of Smile

1. When we smile neurotransmitters called endorphins are released and naturally hence we feel relaxed and happy. 'The more we stimulate our brain to release this chemical,the more often we feel happy.2. It’s natural pain killer. In chronic pain smile can do ...

5 Important Dietary Tips for Curing Anemia

Blood has 3 types of cells-red white and platelets. Red cells carry oxygen to entire body ,white cells are the army ready to fight the invaders like infections and foreign bodies and Platelets prevent bleeding by clotting process.A person is anemic if Hemoglobin is low and symptoms felt ...

How to Make Minor Procedures Less Traumatic for Women

Women come to doctors and they are full of fears and anxieties,some genuine,some acquired through community of their connected women and rest are due to unknown imaginations.It is our duty to do counselling about the procedures which Have To Be Carried Out.Menstrual Regulation ...

Living Healthy Life With Diabetes

What is the impact of Diabetes Mellitus?Despite the risks associated with type 2 diabetes, most people can lead active lives and continue to enjoy the foods and activities that they previously enjoyed. Diabetes does not mean an end to "special occasion" foods like birthday cake, and most ...

Top 10 Foods That Increase Production of Breast Milk

A relaxed mother ensures that her baby gets enough supply of milk through her only and she does not have to depend upon feeding bottles or artificial top feeds and save her baby from the risks of infections.This is applicable to women who have had operative deliveries. First two days only ...

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