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Cough problem

I have suffering from cough........since 4-5months.......i dont know why its between these months i also consults a doctor and take their medicine.......and chekup my chest x-ray and haemoglobin test all are normal........and also i havent any problem leaving cough like ..........fever ,sweating,chest pain nothing ........btt my cough is still same. Its came when i woke up in morning and last tonight. Btt its not came when i sleep.

Headache, burning sensation and vomiting

My daughter came home late night very tired. Today morning she said she has burning sensation in the head and severe headache. We gave her coffee, cookies and two ibuprofen. After that she vomited, about half an hour later. No fever. She is 19 and does not drink or take drugs. Yesterday was extremely cold here and previous night also she slept only for three hours.

Reports clarification

Started with cold on Thursday followed by fever from afternoon. Took few cheston cold tablets. Visited doctor on Friday night. Doctor is on leave till Monday. So please check my reports and suggest if any immediate action has to be taken. Medicine: ceftum 250 twice, ibuprofen &paracetmol thrice a day and syrup of cetrizine hcl and ambroxol hcl.

High eosinophil count

Male. Age 60. Eosinophil 17, bilirubin 5.1. Exercises regularly , eats as usual and has no apparent problem. Is it something to worry about.

Because of having fever

Having high fever going on be coming in 3or 4hr because of tb infection doctor told tht it wil be coming still 1month bcz of tuberclousis

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Swine Flu: Symptoms and Warning Signs.

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Know Your Patient Rights Before Visiting the Doctor

It is essential for every individual to understand the importance of rights to which patients are entitled to as recipients of medical care .The patients have a right to-Know the name of the physician who is responsible for patient care.To receive information about the ...

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