Straightening Teeth (Invisalign)

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Root canal clarification

Is root canal the best solution. Will the treated tooth not have any other problem in the future. What are the after effects of a root canal.

Gum pain- dull ache

Dear Periodontist doc, I hv a dull ache in gums all the day constant, while eating feel like somethng is moving, my opg says - generalised bone loss, gums tissue demage, attrition. I m worried abt the dull ache in gums, teeths everyday. The ache is around the upper roof gums

Gum swelling and pain

I am having pain and seelling in my left side corner gums. I think some thing must have been stuck as m having little gap in there had 2 pain killers yesterday bt no releaf. Plz help me.

Holes near sides of inner toungue

Myself Keerthana, age 19 ..I am tensed with seeing 2 holes formed on sides of my inner toungue .properly the upper part and today I even saw another one getting formed ..sir kindly please help me with the problem.i am even experiencing a white thing coming out of it ..please help me with the problem sir.

Root canal treatment.

Is Root Canal treatment better than extraction of tooth. What is the percentage of success of Root Canal treated tooth. What are the factors of success. Life of Root Canal treated tooth.

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Having Fun at the Dental Office

 What is the right age for a child's first dental appointment ?We often get asked this question from most worried parents.An infant develops teeth at 6 months age and starts can be in the teething phase as late as 2.5 years of age.This period is followed by 4 years of using ...

Five Things You Should Know About the Power of a Smile!

 Everybody understands the enormous power that lies behind a smile.We want you to take a moment and think about how a simple smile can be one of the most powerful tools at our disposal... and we all have one.So to help everyone understand the power of a smile we have put together ...

Living With Diabetes: Teeth and Gum Problems to Be Aware Of

Diabetes can lead to a whole host of health problems, but did you know that it can also put you at risk for dental issues? The implications of high blood sugar extend to every part of the body — including teeth and gums. When it comes to diabetes, teeth and gum problems are ...

Is Chocolate Bad for Your Teeth?

        During festivals and other happy occasions most of us end up consuming more chocolate than we would on a normal basis and asking ourself,   “is chocolate bad for your teeth?“  Whether you love dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or ...

Why Dental Health Check Ups Are So Important

One of the major issues facing dentists, patients and patients wallets is that the majority of us don't visit the dentist on a regular basis.  More than a quarter of adults only visit the dentist when they have a problem.The infrequency and irregularity of dental check-ups is causing ...

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