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Garlic burn on my face

Monday i hv applied garlic paste on a pimple in my face.after 5 min I washed it off.though I have applied ice bag and aloe vera gel immediately but the garlic paste burnt my face very badly.not immediately but after 5 hour I found a scar on my face.on monday it was reddish pink in color but on yesterday it turns into dark brown color.till yesterday it was tender like boil with mild inflammation and somehow the inflammation and pain has gone.plz suggest me what should I do now.and plz inform how to get rid of that scar.need your help urgently.

High hairfall rate

I migrated to a different place for educational purposes. My hairfall rate have been drastically increased. I tried hair oils but the water here is so hard. Its kind of getting bald. Hair from the sides have been loosing. My Hometown is Kerala. I didn't had any problems with my hair when i was there. Now I am at Chennai.

Lip darkening

Is lip filler is good treatment to reduce darkening.How it works.Is this safe and permanent prevention from darkening.

Alergy on stomach

Hello from past 15days some alergy on stomach (image attached) burning sensation, itching and senses like pinching from inside and I applied the ointment triben for 2days but no results and also I have diabetes (post 170) and also BP. Let me know the issue because I am suffering from Muscular dystrophy cannot walk so please suggest any medicine that can be taken at home. Or whom to consult.

Hairfall control

My hair is falling a lot suddenly. Can it be controlled.? And I was told that its hereditary for me to loose hair as my father and grandfather are also bald. Is that true? If not what should I do to control my hair fall and stop myself from balding ?

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Hair Transplant

HAIR TRANSPLANTATION- A WONDERFUL PROCEDURE1. Hair Replacement Can Produce Natural GrowthUse of Micro/ Mini grafts, which are placed strategically gives a natural hair line. As the hair starts growing 3 months after the procedure, the transition to new hair growth is imperceptible ...

Skin Peels

Skin peels are a fabulous treatment as they really do revive and refresh your complexion. The term ‘peel’ can sound quite daunting if you are unsure of what is involved. Generally, only a few skin peels will actually cause a visible peel or shedding of the skin. The majority of skin peels ...

This International Women's Day- a New Age Treatment for Flawless Skin!

A tribute to the role of women in every aspect of our society, the International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. We equate beauty with the charm of a woman. From times immemorial, beauty is something each of us desire to possess as it boosts our self-esteem, and ...

Will India Be the Heaviest Nation in 2030?

When you look around, you will be surprised to notice, how many of your friends and relatives are gaining weight and becoming heavier in the recent times. The reason for this situation is obvious, Our Dietary consumption is high in terms of quality and quantity and the calorie burning is at the ...

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Dr. Thelma R Naidu Cosmetologist (FMC) 8 years experience Revive Aesthetic Clinic
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Dr. Manmeet Singh Dentist (BDS, MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, FAMSI - Fellowship in Advanced Maxillofacial Surgery & Implantology, Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine) 11 years experience Health Cottage Hospital
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