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Piriformis muscle pain

I have piriformis muscle pain in left leg. Feel shark pain in buttock and outer calf during walking and standing. And have tickling feeling in feet.

Upper back pain

I have upper body back pain since 4 month ago...pain is too much when am waking at morning and than pain is less with respect to now a days pain is too much..pain is more when am bending position like on bike riding and studying ...what kind of home. Remedy should I take...n when I move my hand pain is little bit plz help me out..thx...

Pain in area near heel

I feel pain in left foot at a point near heel. The pain is more after waking up in the morning. The pain is not continuous.

Hands pain

Hello dr my mother age is 53 and she is having pain in muscles of biceps she always use to hav complain that her hand is paining please tell what to do

Muscle tear

My husband got muscle tear near arm pit during weight lifting on 14/8. He is using ice packs and hot bags to cure it but it seems as if the torn muscle is not cured and collected near chest area. Is there any need of surgery? Is surgery necessary?

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Frozen Shoulder: Understanding & Care

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition that leads to pain and stiffness of the shoulder. Signs and symptoms begin gradually, worsen over time and then resolve, usually within one or two years.You will typically experience shoulder pain, followed ...

New Cure for All Types of Pain

Over a last few years, there is one treatment modality which is gaining worldwide recognition. It is PROLOTHERAPY.Prolotherapy (also known as regenerative therapy/ proliferation therapy) is a technique in which a small volume of an solution (proliferant) is injected at multiple ...

Living With Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease affects the part of the brain that controls muscle movement. The exact cause of this disease is not known, but there is a decrease in a chemical called dopamine in the brains of people with Parkinson's. There is no cure for Parkinson's, but it often progresses slowly and the ...

Want to Prevent Lower Back Ache?

Back ache is a very common problem which is faced by each and every of us, during our lifetime. Studies show that more than 90% of cases are due to improper posture. The way we stand, sit and sleep - all affects our back. Studies show that our back or spine experiences 11 times more ...

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