Oral Lesions Screening

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Teeth problem

I have removed my jaw and now l want to put up a false teeth so how much it could cost

Braces for teeth straightning

Hiiii I am visiting my orthodontist for braces he said he will have to remove 2 teeth above and 2 below ones. How much time it will take to fill that gap?

Tooth implant

I have a missing tooth in front side. Which method should I go for? Whats the charges, please provide some information. Which method is best in terms of future. Bb

Teeth grinding

Want to know if we can restore the teeth that are worn due to grinding. Is it possible to bring them back to shape?

Teeth replacement

I want to know the best dental hospital for complete teeth implant (all 32 teeth) and how much would it cost

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Nursing Bottle Caries

Do you think that baby teeth are not important because they are temporary? Think again. Tooth decay in infants and toddlers can often be referred as Nursing bottle caries or Baby Bottle Tooth Decay or Early Childhood Caries.  Baby teeth are necessary for chewing, speaking, and smiling. ...

Separate the Myths From the Facts

                                MYTH: Scaling or cleaning weakens teeth.FACT: When done correctly, scaling helps getting rid of deposits (plaque and calculus) and thus improving health of teeth and ...

Oral Cancer - Timely Examination Can Help Cure It and Save Lives

World Cancer Day is a chance to reflect on what you can do, make a pledge and take action. Whatever you choose to do ‘We can. I can.’ make a difference to the fight against cancer.Oral cancer is one of the ten most common cancers in the world.Let's pledge to raise awareness of ...

Did You Know Good Teeth Can Earn a Job for You?

Going to a job interview can be pretty stressful. You have already gotten your foot in the door with that updated CV and great references, but as you probably know there’s more to make that first impression than what’s written on your resume. You’ve likely chosen your interview-day outfit ...

Prevent Dental Cavities- Try Sealants

Oral hygiene is necessary to prevent cavities. This consists of regular professional cleaning at least every six months, brushing twice a day and flossing at least daily.X-rays might be taken to detect cavity development in high risk carious mouth. A dental cavity is a burn caused by acidic ...

Dr. Pranay - Dentist
Dr. Pranay Dentist (BDS, Fellowship in full mouth rehablitation USA, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE), Fellowship in Endodontics) 9 years experience SmileCure Multispeciality Dental Clinic
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Dr. M. R. Pujari - Dentist
Dr. M. R. Pujari Dentist (BDS, M.B.A(Health Care), FIAGD, FIAACD, MDS - Oral Medicine and Radiology) 13 years experience 32 Smiles Multispeciality Dental Clinic
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Dr. Ramya - Dentist
Dr. Ramya Dentist (BDS, MDS - Prosthodontics) 17 years experience Dental solutions
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Dr. Jaya Agnihotri Dentist (MDS - Periodontology and Oral Implantology, BDS) 16 years experience PruDent Multispeciality Dental Clinic & Implant Center
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Dr. Neeraja Raju - Dentist
Dr. Neeraja Raju Dentist (BDS, MDS - Pedodontics) 24 years experience LITTLE PEARLS ™ Specialist dental care center
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