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Treatment for depresion and ocd

Taking sertraline hcl from 2 years 100 mg per day what dose can be helpful for the patient and hightest dose what

Seasnal breathg issues,have to take pump

Heavy breathing during diwali.and season. Pls suggest homeopathy... Taken allopathy but it did

Eye problem

Can acupuncture Cure redness dryness etc etc etc permanently If yes? How long it will take to cure my problem? (approx) Plz reply to this topic only don't give another option plz plz plz plz

Kidney stones

Hello doctor, i have bilateral kidney stones and have been taking homeopathic medicine for about three months. 14 mm in left kidney and 6 mm in right kidney. The medicine which I am taking are- STONKI by medicores and DROX 23 . 10-10 drops of each bottle combined together thrice a day prescribed by a doctor. It is not mother tincture. Is it right medicine

Swollen ears looks like a allergy

My son ears and eyelids are swollen with some itching can I give him sinarest