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Maralgia Paresthetica

Hi, Can anyone suggest who is the best doctor to treat Maralgia Paresthetica in Hyderabad, India. Thanks.


Hi I m taking homeopathic medicine since two years but my hair and scalp is going worse day by day , I have been complaining this to my doctor and he is giving the medicine which is not effective on my hairs and scalp ( I have so much hair fall n it created gaps like slight baldness ) and I have decided to shift to allopathy medicine . Now the thing is how many days should I leave gap for shifting to allopathy medicine ? Or how can I take a step which doesn't affect ?

Irregular periods

Am having frequent bleeding in between periods. At time heavy flow which makes me uncomfortable to go out.

Hand shivering

My sister's hands shivers all the time while doing everything but it doesn't hammer her work, she's also nervous and fearsome all the time without any reason, get irritated on small things .she can't co ncentrate on work or studies and have very less confidence. She's even not confident about the things which she does on daily basis. She feels very low about herself. Can u please help me out with some suggestions

Pains aches numbness

Would a foot reflexology session help the client with reducing their pains, aches, numbness and tingling. As a practicing and internationally trained Reflexologist the reviews I receive from my clients is that of relaxation, better sleep and increased blood circulation.

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Spices & Condiments

Indian spices have excellent healing properties and useful in weight management. Regular use of every condiment in daily cooking helps to correct blood biochemistry. Anemia, thalassemia, insomnia are possible to improve with spices & condiments. The quantity, form and combination is ...

Do You Need a Breast Pump?

Often when I meet new mothers who are facing problems with breastfeeding, I observe that they have already purchased a breast pump, but find it either ineffective or painful to use. Should all new mothers be buying breast pumps? The answer is NO. You do not need a breast pump if your baby is ...