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PCOS plus cervical spondilosys

I am 26 unmarried working in IT sector, having PCOS(multiple cyst found on both ovaries and both ovaries are bulky) from last 2yrs, initially for 1yr took allopathic treatment (like dulutone L 21tabs), then switched to Ayurvedic treatment with lots of pathya... in this I lost nearly 5kgs in 4months... slowly lost patience(like not able to eat all the tasty food) and switched to allopathic treatment (like diane) but no improvement, then switched to homeopathy which I am taking from last 6months but no improvement... my weight is constantly increasing, ache, depression. All through I was having a lot hair fall and hair thinning and now I have lost my confidence and baldness is visible. I can't do exercise coz from last 2months I have cervical spondilosys. Please suggest how my lifestyle should be.

Scar treatment

I had an axillary tail extension in my underarm and I have got it removed. Now I am having a big scar in my underarm area. Is there any treatment for scar reduction?

Depression / Stress / Anxiety

Hi Doctor, I'm unable to sleep from past 3 days. Head is paining a lot. Got a hectic schedule in office due to which unable to focus on work too. Please prescribe me with some medicine

I got a mosquito bite getting infected

My bite is getting infected and is a little swelled because it is at the crease of the foot so every time I walk it presses against my bite

18 days old boy suffering from gas pain

18 days old boy child suffering from gas and pain and fever .

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Spices & Condiments

Indian spices have excellent healing properties and useful in weight management. Regular use of every condiment in daily cooking helps to correct blood biochemistry. Anemia, thalassemia, insomnia are possible to improve with spices & condiments. The quantity, form and combination is ...

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