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My wife is in depression mood. We have a baby child 1 1/2 year. She was taking depression tablets for the past 3 years. After delivery she was not taking those tablets. My wife is thinking about the person when she was loved in her college days, but that person rejected. Now she doesnt know where he is? She wants to leave me and my baby now and wants divorce. She is tellingthat wants to marry my elder brothers son, because that person looks like she was loved in her college days. She always have a doubt on me and my sister-in-law. She doesn't do any work in my house and even she doesn't caring my baby also. Mental harassment for me. Please give a better treatment for my wife beacause i dont want to leave her. I want to stay with her only.

I have lump on hand

I have lump on hand it's occour at the age of 10 ,I consult many doctors they told me to operate ,is there any treatment available in homeopathy or Ayurveda??

Alzheimer Patient

From 1 year my father daily activities changed .He can't take bath,food and water also he talk loudly and he feels irritable. I shown to some doctors but up to now no cure. In midnight he wakes calling my name continues loudly. Sir can u suggest me a good treatment for my father I want to see him normally. Please suggest me sir.

My Father is obese.

He is of 104kg, he sleeps a lot and doesn't like getting out of bed too much, specially in the evening. He had laproscopic surgery for removal of gallstone about 2 weeks ago. He is not having too much spicy food and is well under control. What kind of diet shall he follow and at how much extent should he exercise, although he doesn't want to exercise or walk at all. Please suggest something.

Bald patch

Hi I am 27 years. I am been suffering from Alopecia. I am going through Ayurvedic treatment, good thing is that I have regaining my hair but the quality of my hair is very thin comparatively. Also, hair gap is more than the non effected area. I want to know how long does it takes to recover from Alopecia and how long does it take to improve the quality of my thin hair. Medicine: Jathaa and Sheersha P.oil Please let me know soon I am bit worried about this.

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Spices & Condiments

Indian spices have excellent healing properties and useful in weight management. Regular use of every condiment in daily cooking helps to correct blood biochemistry. Anemia, thalassemia, insomnia are possible to improve with spices & condiments. The quantity, form and combination is ...

Do You Need a Breast Pump?

Often when I meet new mothers who are facing problems with breastfeeding, I observe that they have already purchased a breast pump, but find it either ineffective or painful to use. Should all new mothers be buying breast pumps? The answer is NO. You do not need a breast pump if your baby is ...