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Fears for speaking in a group

Hi Dr, I behave like an introvert all the time. I can't talk to people spontaneously....

Help please

I see my whole life shattered.. everything slipping away from me. I don't want to live like this

Unable to Remember things, lack of conc.

I have been having trouble recalling things that I've read recently or even names of some people, sometimes the things that occurred in morning also.I feel getting exhausted. It's not really a headache but it's like it's getting heavy. Sometimes i feel like I need to talk to someone as I misplace things and make careless mistakes even when I make an effort to be alert.

Anxiety attacks

I'm getting anxiety attacks very often nor Im able to sleep. I have become over emotional, over thinking. It's gettin worse day by day.

Depression, anxiety, social withdrawal.

I ve been feeling depressed for months and feel suicidal as well. Feelings of worthlessness has been eating me. Not able to talk to people or maintain relationships or friendships. Went through an abusive marriage and divorce. Have been remarried but the current one is also causing issues.

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Is Depression Just a Disease of a Kind or a Mental Disorder or a Social Stigma?

Psychiatrist diagnosing an individual means that he/she is suffering with mental health condition namely depression. It is very much similar to a Cardiologist diagnosing an individual with an heart condition namely myocardial infarction or MI.In both cases, the doctor takes a history and ...

Bipolar Affective Disorder (Bpad)

इस विकार (disorder) की  विशेषता ये होती है कि इसमें  भाव (mood ) और गतिविधि स्तर (activity level) में बदलाव के वृतान्त (episode) बार – बार ...

Why Is Mental Health Important?

How many of us develop mental illness?It is estimated that 1 in 4 of us suffer from mental health problems in our life time according to the WHO.Why do we develop mental illness?Our physical and psychological make-up varies due to genetic, environmental and other factors. ...

10 Facts About Mental Health

1.    Everyone has mental health. 2.    Mental health disorder can happen to anyone and are not a sign of weakness or fault. 3.    In Children: Around 20 % of world’s children and adolescent are suffering from mental health disorder and ...

Spice Spice Baby! by Dr Mansi Jain, Consultant Psychiatrist

Indian love for spices in their cooking is well known. However, there is a new kind of spice that has taken everyone by surprise. This SPICE is a synthetic marijuana, also known as ‘fake weed’! After widespread use in UK and Europe, it is now surging in Mumbai based on false claims of having ...

Dr. Satish Ramaiah - Psychiatrist
Dr. Satish Ramaiah Psychiatrist (MBBS, MRCP (UK), DHE (Addictions - Leeds University, UK), ESRS endorsed certificate in Sleep Medicine (Edinburgh University, UK)) 14 years experience People Tree Hospitals
1099 recommendations Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Safiya M.S - Psychiatrist
Dr. Safiya M.S Psychiatrist (MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MBBS, Diploma in Psychiatry) 8 years experience Mind & Brain Clinic
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Dr. Ravi Prakash - Psychiatrist
Dr. Ravi Prakash Psychiatrist (MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry), MD - Neuropsychiatry) 11 years experience Prakash Neurology and Psychiatry Clinic
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Dr. Naveen Jayaram - Psychiatrist
Dr. Naveen Jayaram Psychiatrist (MBBS, MD - Psychiatry) 9 years experience Carewell Clinic
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Dr. Yesheswini Kamaraju - Psychiatrist
Dr. Yesheswini Kamaraju Psychiatrist (MD - Psychiatry, Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) 13 years experience The Reach Clinic
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