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Pain in left side of abdomen

I have been having pain in left side of my stomach.. And i feel acidity in stomach.. the pain is so severe.. that it makes difficult to change position.. and digestion problem also.. And since 2 weeks i am taking yoga classes..

PILES (bleeding too much)

While sitting for latrines,bleeding is not stopping fot the last two days...Actually I had the problem of piles long back 3years from now ..Again I am getting bleedings.I had taken homeopathic medicine then but again getting bleeding and that is too much.

About belching

I have suffered from belching several times one year, some of them are acid some I think is normal. I've done C14 UBT test and I'm not infected. So the doctor think it's only indigestion. And it does have effect when I take yeast tablet and medicine like rapro-it. Do I need to take further examination like gastroscope?(I'm wondering if there's painless gastroscope in Delhi.)And also is it possble that it's cholecystitis? If it's just indigestion what should I take care of myself?

Liver problems , multiple echogenic mass

Liver fatty and multiple echogenic mass seen in gallbladder. Is gallbladder removed by surgery or not

Side pain before 4 years

Gastroenterologist-icon Liver problem about a year ago Asked for Male, 52 Years Pl see the following liver function tests. After seeing the test's ,pl suggest me to reduce GGT levels. I am using Concor 5mg tablet daily once. 105 Views Bookmark this Answer

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Surgery for Obesity

Obesity is the scourge of the new century. A combination of genetic, environmental and dietary factors leads to obesity. Obesity, when beyond a particular limit, which is variable according to body type, is itself harmful to the life of the person and is responsible for diabetes, hypertension, ...

Truncal Obesity Is a Major Cause of Acid Reflux

Truncal or Centripetal obesity is common in India. It increases the abdominal pressure and results increase in transient relaxation of lower esophageal sphincter. So this  results in reflux of stomach acid to the esophagus. Prolonged reflux of acid may change the epithelial layer and mucosa of ...

Gall Bladder Stone

                                                                                                 Gall Bladder Stone Courtesy -Dr.Kumar Parth (MBBS; MNAMS; FMAS; FAIS; FACRSI (Colo-Rectal Surgery) DNB; FSGE (Surgical ...

Esophageal Replacement for Acid Burns of Esophagus

Accidental or suicidal ingesting of acid or alkali like phenyl, floor cleaner, hydrochloric acid can lead to burns in food pipe and stomach. It can lead to acute swallowing problem or chronic problems like difficulty in swallowing, vomiting food or blood. Early treatment is Endoscopic assessment ...

Liver Resection Surgery

A liver resection is the surgical removal of all or a portion of the liver. It is also referred to as a hepatectomy, complete or partial. A complete liver resection is performed in the setting of a transplant where a diseased liver is removed from a deceased donor (cadaver).  A living donor may ...

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