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Stammering when ever tensed and also when eager to tell because of this i am not able to express my views.i want to get rid of this stammering.

Not able to speak

My son not able to speak and he lost his teeth in the age of 2 years. he can pronounce few words. not able to pronounce full sentences.

Babbling more talking les

My 3 year old son is not able to connect even two words . He babbles a lot . Having problem in speaking letters L & R . Not pronouncing any word clearly. No tounge tie ,hearing fine ,attentive, reactive . Reached all his milestones in time. Can point out and recogonize things.Behaviourly good only having throwing things habit and don't make eye contact with unknown or less known people. please suggest

Ear pain (or say ache)

Since 2 days, I have been facing a kind of ache on my Right ear. Some say that it is due to the use of headphones. I tried putting some oil drops in my right ear. It is not that severe ache, but a irritating one when I pull it.

Speech dificulty of some

It is difficult to speech some letters like "r" some words I am 22years old help me what it is called can I get relif from this problem

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Why Gestures? What’s the Big Deal!

I remember that my son spoke late! He was 1.6 years but still not using many words. My SLP sensors were on and I knew that the next critical thing I needed to look at were his GESTURES. How many and how often would he use them?Though his meaningful words were only 10-15, he had a whole ...

Unless You're Using Evidence-Based Practices, I Can't Hear a Word You're Saying!

Evidence Based Practice is an inter-disciplinary approach to clinical practice that has been gaining ground following its formal introduction in 1992. It started with medicine and has spread to other fields such as speech language pathology. What is EBP?It is a combination ...

Your Child Will Never Know That You Ignored!

“I should have brought my kid years back to rehabilitation”– A parent of 8 year old diagnosed to have Autism Spectrum DisordersThese kinds of statements have been common across middle aged parents. They are sending a strong message to present young parents and ...

The Profession of Speech Language Pathology

Traditionally known to be a profession for teaching children here are some details about The Profession of Speech Language Pathology. Speech Language Pathology, sometimes referred to as Speech Therapy, is a allied health care profession which exclusively deals with ...

Articulation Problems Can Be Cured Easily!

Articulation problems are not as much difficult to cure. These need practice. A daily therapy can cure this problem very fast. The patient just need some support of his/her family and a daily basis practice. Screening individuals who present with speech sound difficulties and ...

Dr. SLP Sanjay Kumar - Audiologist
Dr. SLP Sanjay Kumar Audiologist (BSc - Speech & Hearing, Masters in Speech Language Pathology) 12 years experience Sanjay Speech Hearing And Rehabilitation Center
277 recommendations Hebbal, Bangalore INR 900
Ms. Preeja Balan - Speech Therapist
Ms. Preeja Balan Speech Therapist (PhD - Speech Language Pathology, MASLP) 20 years experience Octave Hearing And Speech Centre
264 recommendations Koramangala 3 Block, Bangalore INR 800
Ms. Namrata Pai - Speech Therapist
Ms. Namrata Pai Speech Therapist (MSc in Speech and Hearing) 13 years experience Magpie Speech Language Intervention Services
136 recommendations JP Nagar, Bangalore INR 600
Dr. R. Gokulraj - Audiologist
Dr. R. Gokulraj Audiologist (BASLP, MASLP) 15 years experience Ashruti Clinic for Speech and Hearing
11 recommendations Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore INR 400
Ms. Dhanya Monnappa - Speech Therapist
Ms. Dhanya Monnappa Speech Therapist (MASLP) 1 year experience Octave Hearing And Speech Centre
10 recommendations Koramangala 3 Block, Bangalore INR 700