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Sir I am suffering from narcolepsy.

Sir I am suffering from narcolepsy. And modifine-100mg. Suggested doctors. How to get this problem. Plus.

Severe Cough(Dry) every now and then

My wife is suffering from severe cough(dry) since a couple of weeks now. She is coughing like a heavy smoker does every now and then though she has never smoked in her life. We have already consulted ENT doctor(Allergy Consultant) in our area and took the prescribed medicine and inhaler but don't see any improvements. We thought it could be due to some allergens at our place but now she has started coughing at her workplace too. She wears clean and washed apparels everyday. Just so you know she has a family history of being Asthmatic, however; I've never seen her condition getting this worse in the past. I think we should take second opinion. What kind of doctor we need to consult for such problem? Any help in this matter would be highly appreciated.

Urinary tract infection

Dear Sir, I have a urinary tract infections on unable to cure after taken a urine cultural report and I used tablet oflaxin,urikind,zenflox uti tablets as per doctor guideline.However not cure the UTI can request u to kindly confirm good doctor for treatment.Regards,Santosh Patra,Hyderabad

Cut in the head with 5 stitches

My father aged 59 years while standing in a bus fell down due to sudden brake. He got a cut on the backside of the right portion of the head and he had to do 5 stitches. At that time the doctor had bandaged his forehead. But after 2 days he opened the bandaage and asked not to do any bandage or dressing as it will heal faster. My father is resting at home but still I wanted to know if it is safe to keep the stitches open like this without any bandage. Today is the fourth day and the stitches has not been cut still. Do he needs to clean the area with dettol and apply any ointment?

Suffering from Chronic ITP since 18 year

Whenever my platelet drops i have been given medicines like Omnacortil/wyslone, Hospitalised and given solomadril, then i was taking Revolade for many weeks etc. The platelet increases and becomes normal after the treatment. But IPT recurs after 1 year, sometimes after 2-3 yrs. Doctor every time advises on splenectomy which am not sure if it permanently resolves the problem. Please suggest me alternate treatment for permanently solution.

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Dr. Lenny Da Costa

Dr. Lenny Da Coasta Completed his practice in Goa. He pursued histraining in the practice of Anti-aging and Preventive Cardiology. He Providedtreatments as Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, EMRT Treatment, ESWTTreatment, TMS Treatment, EECP Treatment, Bio-identical Harmon ReplacementTherapy, ...