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Indigestion & heart burn

Hi doctor, I got gastric problem. I'm frequently getting sour burps and farting all day. I have good food habits and I'll have food on time always. I'm getting heart burn and stomach burns. I don't take alcohol, don't smoke. I don't have any depression or tensions. Please help me to come out of this doctor.

Jogging before excercise?

I do excersise and jog every morning . Which is better to do first? Jogging or excersise? And what supplements are best for after excersise?

Decrease in mensural flow

I have been into intense strength training for about 2 years now. I train for 5 days a week with a healthy moderate calorie protein focused diet . My periods have always been regular, sometimes early and last for 4-5 days with average flow. Lately my mensural flow has reduced to 3 days and scanty( requires one sanitary pad a day). Could exercise be the cause ? Are my estrogen levels reduced due to weight training ? Please advice.

Skin with pigmentation

I am 20 yr old female. I want to know can I use a glycolic acid face was for daily use like ahaglow or klm klin? I have normal to combination skin with open pores. I have dark upper lip area and occasional breakouts too. Please suggest some good medicated moisturiser to go for also.

Joint pain

My mother recently suffered from chikengunia,she has severe joint pain since one month ,taking pain medicine daily is not good for health ,what we can do to cure with joint pain?

Dr. Dominic Benjamin - Geriatrician
Dr. Dominic Benjamin Geriatrician (MBBS, FRCP, MRCP, CCT, DNB - Internal Medicine, CIDC) 17 years experience Bangalore Baptist Hospital
4 recommendations Hebbal, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Prashanth R - Geriatrician
Dr. Prashanth R Geriatrician (BAMS, MD - Ayurveda) 21 years experience I-AIM Health Care
4 recommendations Yelahanka, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Mali Mithun - General Physician
Dr. Mali Mithun General Physician (MBBS, MD, Fellowship in Diabetology) 6 years experience Sri Sai Krupa Hospitals
Mathikere - BEL, Bangalore INR 250