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Common cold with breath problem

I've having a headache,fever and breathe problem.i also feel tired.i facing problem to takes breathe.what I do for this.fever have been comed from 10days

Red inflamed circles.

I have two res circles underneath my breast. I've had them for two weeks, they havent changed at all and are quite itchy.

Had fever, now pain in upper neck.

I had little fever till yesterday, so i took leave from my work. I took rest for the whole day, now fever is not there. But I have pain in upper part of my neck. Please suggest something.

Water around liver

Sir, My grandmother is sick. Her ALP level is 1083 u/l. I don't know much about her condition. She has swallen legs, weakness, vomitting and swallen stomach.

Fever, cold,vomittings,

Hi, I am having high fever, a severe headache and feel like vomitting. I have already vommitted once today half an hour after having lunch.. I've been having medicines in the last years for something or the other and now I feel sick and tired of having anymore meds. I m scared to show to a doc because again they will prescribe me a long list of meds and antibiotics. It's been two days since I've had this fever.

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Geriatric Medicine: The Need of the Hour!!!

What is Geriatric Medicine?It is a specialty that focuses on the healthcare of elderly (Senior Citizen's: 60 years of age and above). To promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in elderly.Common myths about ageing and growing old.The problem ...

Dr. Lenny Da Costa

Dr. Lenny Da Coasta Completed his practice in Goa. He pursued histraining in the practice of Anti-aging and Preventive Cardiology. He Providedtreatments as Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, EMRT Treatment, ESWTTreatment, TMS Treatment, EECP Treatment, Bio-identical Harmon ReplacementTherapy, ...