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Pimples on scrotum

Pimples on scrotum. I have had it for years now and I want to get rid of them. is this normal as well?

Labia sores

I’ve had painful sores on my Labia for about three days now , there are three and they are paintful when i pee , I’ve put coconut oil and tea tree oil on them and I noticed they started to look better but I’m not sure what it is ?

Viral fever

I am not sure about what the problem is but i have nausea... loss of apetite and whole body's skin has a stinging sensation which won't go off with me bearly able to sleep.. mild fever every now and then and dryness and stiffness in the skin specially at the joints be it the finger joints mid finger joints or the others parts of body joints...

Vitamin c red bumps

Hi, i’ve recently noticed every time i take vitamin c tablets i get bad acne. I never had this problem before but since last few months everytime i take vitamin c tablet i get red bumps all over my face. I’ve tried different brands but the effect is still the same. What should i do about this?

Dog bite vaccination

I was bitten by a puppy dog in 2002, but didn't take vaccination that time, after that in 2010, I was bitten by a dog again and take complete vaccination of 5 doses, Am I SAFE as I didn't take vaccination for first time dog bite? Please answer properly...

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Geriatric Medicine: The Need of the Hour!!!

What is Geriatric Medicine?It is a specialty that focuses on the healthcare of elderly (Senior Citizen's: 60 years of age and above). To promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in elderly.Common myths about ageing and growing old.The problem ...

Dr. Lenny Da Costa

Dr. Lenny Da Coasta Completed his practice in Goa. He pursued histraining in the practice of Anti-aging and Preventive Cardiology. He Providedtreatments as Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, EMRT Treatment, ESWTTreatment, TMS Treatment, EECP Treatment, Bio-identical Harmon ReplacementTherapy, ...