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Blood Creatinine 6.4

Attached is the blood report of my mother. Will she be fine with proper medication. What diet should she take? She is overweight too. This report indicates effect on one kidney or both.

Blood Creatinine 6.4

My mother is recently detected with blood Creatinine level 6.4. Will she be fine with proper medication? What are the consequences? What diet should she take? She is overweight too. What does this level mean.. Is her one kidney affected or both? Please help me with this. Thanks

Lt renal stone in calyx

I have been given following report while doing full body checkup for joining a reputed company: : LIVER : Liver is normal in size and echopattern. No focal intra-hepatic lesion detected. Intra-hepatic biliary radicals are not dilated.Portal vein is normal in calibre. GALL BLADDER : Gall bladder appears echofree with normal wall thickness .CBD appears normal. PANCREAS : Pancreas is normal in size and echopattern. SPLEEN : Spleen is normal in size & echopattern. KIDNEYS : Both kidneys are normal in position, size and outline.Cortico-medullary differentiation of both kidneys is maintained. Lt renal stone in middle calyx – 3.9 mm , no hydronephrosis No evidence of renal stone or hydronephrosis on Rt side No significant free fluid is detected . URINARY BLADDER : Urinary bladder is normal in wall thickness with clear contents.. PROSTATE : Prostate is normal in size and echo-pattern. Impression : Lt renal stone in middle calyx – 3.9 mm , no hydronephrosis So, what is the meaning of it?

Kidney Pain

Hi, I am experiencing a bit of pain just below my left ribs(back side) after having my lunch yesterday. Is this pain can be caused by kidney stone?Apart from that I am not experiencing any other symptoms. I feel the pain when I take a deep breath. I don't have any kind of history with my kidneys.

High bp with blood sugar

MY mother is a ckd patient.we transplant her kidney 6 years ago.. now she is under doctor consultant.. but since 1 month suddenly her blood pressure goes high around 155/80 to 188/67.. we consult with doctor but medicine is not working.. still bp more than 150. She also has blood sugar.and take insuline 2 times. Fasting 130 Creatinine 0.30 Medicine. Pangraph 1 mg twice daily Myfortics 360 mg one daily.. Ecg report is ok then why suddenly this happens. High blood pressure any solution to prevent hrt attack risk or stroke ??

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Approach to Blood in Urine

Smoky or tea coloured urine can be a marker of blood in urine, medically known as Hematuria. Frank blood may be present at times. These episodes of hematuria may be painless or associated with pain. Sometimes blood may be incidentally detected on examination of urine for some other ...

Be Water Wise for Healthy Kidneys

Keep your kidneys healthy by being “waterwise.” This means drinking the right amount of water for you. A common misconception is that everyone should drink eight glasses of water per day, but since everyone is different, daily water needs will vary by person. How much water you need is based ...

Some Devastating Statistics About Chronic Kidney Failure in India

Even as we speak chronic kidney failure is taking a huge  toll on  lakhs of families in India. This is unfortunate because kidney failure is the easiest of all organ failures  to manage.  We have dialysis which can replace kidney function to a significant extent and kidney  is the easiest ...

Transplants Fail- Here's What You Need to Know.

Everyone talks about the success rates of kidney transplants. Rarely do we talk about what happens when transplants fail. People will quote the official statistics that 97% of kidney transplants are working at the end of a month; 93% are working at the end of a year; and 83% are working at the ...

"Khoon Ka Rishta": Why Your Kidneys Are "Bloody" Important

The kidneys are not just about producing urine. They perform many other important functions silently of which we are not aware. In fact in advanced kidney failure, the functioning of  almost any other vital organ like the heart and the brain can be severely affected. But that is for a future ...

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