Diabetic Ulcer Treatment

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Nothing.iam ok

Iam recently tested as As thyroid.my TSH level is 11.4.is it cure or not.is any changes in my body.

High level of TSH

Hi, I have got slightly high levels of TsH and low levels of iron. Please advise possible causes and remedy for it.

Substitute cartridge of insujan 30/70 10

I am using the insulin cartridge (Insujan 30/70 100 and please advise me the substitute of the same. Thank you.

Reactive Hypoglycaemia

Can reactive hypoglycaemia happen to a person with normal fasting insulin? How to check it via tests? Can one faint due to hypoglycaemia?

Hyper thyroid

Not treating hyperthyroidism can cause death? I am not taking pills for thyroid since last 8 months.

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3 Life Saving Tips for Diabetics

The three most common causes of sudden death in diabetic patients are Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar), MI (Heart attack) and DKA. All these are easily preventable with little education and awareness. 1) Hypoglycemia: Hypoglycemia is low levels of blood sugar. If the sudden ...

Insulin Terror

“Can my Insulin be stopped” or “I don’t want to take insulin because if I start insulin,I will be dependent on insulin” or “One of my relative was put on Insulin and he died of renal failure due to insulin”are some other frequent questions.Yes insulin can be stopped.Insulin is not ...

8 Super Foods That Help Combat High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a health condition that can result in irreversible complications and sometimes even death if left unchecked. A condition that commonly occurs in smokers, older people, overweight or inactive people, alcoholics or people with fatty diets, hypertension is ...

Deep Vein Thrombosis: How to Avoid It While Travelling

http://ravidiacare.blogspot.in/search?q=dvtIf you're travelling on a long-haul flight, there are several ways you can reduce your risk of getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Travel-related DVT was first reported in 1954 in a 54-year-old doctor who developed a blood clot following a ...

Insulin? Why Not Tablet

TreatmentGenerally the treatment of Diabetes commences as just Diet Control. Subsequently, progressing to use of anti-diabetic medication (tablet) in incremental doses, from only 1/2 tablet per day to multiple doses of the same tablet or combination of different generics. Enter the Insulin: You ...

Dr. Arpandev Bhattacharyya - Diabetologist
Dr. Arpandev Bhattacharyya Diabetologist (MBBS, MD - Medicine, DNB - General Medicine, MRCP (UK), CCST - Diabetes & Endocrinology, DM - Endocrinology, FRCP) 27 years experience Shivajoyti Clinic
482 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Shivaprasad C - Endocrinologist
Dr. Shivaprasad C Endocrinologist (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Endocrinology) 9 years experience Apollo Clinic
34 recommendations Kundalahalli, Bangalore INR 550
Dr. Nagaraj S - Diabetologist
Dr. Nagaraj S Diabetologist (MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetology (PGDD)(Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA), MD - General Medicine, Fellowship in Diabetology(Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA)) 22 years experience Infilife Multispeciality Centre
268 recommendations JP Nagar 7 Phase, Bangalore INR 300
Dr. Mahesh.D.M - Endocrinologist
Dr. Mahesh.D.M Endocrinologist (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Endocrinology, DNB - Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism) 8 years experience MedPoint - Health Roots Clinics
70 recommendations Vijayanagar, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Vijay Kumar - General Physician
Dr. Vijay Kumar General Physician (MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetology (PGDD)) 15 years experience Greenview Medical Center
49 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 500