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I feel trembling in upper left abdomen

I feel trembling in upper left abdomen whenever I run,put physical stress on abdomen .I have been suffering from it since 4 years and this trembling feels so heavy as if it would burst. i have gone through thyroid test and it was normal

Why do i get Blackout

Sir Recently when i got angry my anger shooted up ..i yelled and after few mins i got blackout ..i started feeling weak ..and sick times when i get shout ..i get a pricking pain on my chest

Left side of my stomach pain

If I sit continuously I am getting pain.. and pain was not continuous, it is for some time and going

Heaalth problem

Hi Doctor, My cousin is falling sick frequently. For a week he suffered with fever and cold. Next week dry eyes, next week low back pain, other week he will say he has muscle catch. We are very sorry for him and can you please let us know how to bring him normal? He is staying in south part of India, so please let us know if he needs to under go any lab test before consulting doctor?

Mood fluctuation and anger

Sir, i am 45 years old,male,not obese. I am a patient of hypertension for nearly 18 years. Initially, doctor prescribed different drugs like Aten, Stamlo beta etc. and 10 years from now switched to Met XL 25 once daily. BP remains by and large within limit but recently noticed some trigger of mood fluctuations and gets angry within the mind. Please advise whether any change in medication is required or not. Whether Met XL 25 can cause this and which medicine needs to start.

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Role of Dietary Cholesterol

 US Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture, which drafted the final US dietary guidelines. Those guidelines, which are updated every 5 years, no longer set an upper limit for cholesterol intake for people with hypercholesterolemia.Is saying that dietary cholesterol is not ...

Treatment and Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes

‘Beat Diabetes’ by Prevention and Better ManagementWorld Health Day 2016 is about prevention and better management of diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes, which is around 90% of all Diabetes, is a largely preventable condition that is rapidly increasing throughout the world; mostly among ...

Which Comes First Obesity or Diabetes ?

Does Diabetes come first or Obesity ?There is no doubt that obesity comes first. After almost 18 tears of Insulin Resistance and obesity the blood sugar begin to rise. Weight gain is followed by changes in Cholesterol and then in blood pressure.Even when treating with Insulin and ...

Is Insulin the Good Guy or the Problems ??

More and more patients with type-2 diabetes are being put on insulin often with a very poor indication. Some people with burnt out pancreas and will require insulin. This only occurs when diabetes is poorly managed. The vast majority of patients still have residual pancreatic function and if we ...

8 Myths You Thought Were Facts!

Today people from all walks of life are living under more stress - spouse, aging parents, difficult kids, demanding boss. Add to this a never ending and never moving traffic and pollution.Amidst all this, you are trying to lead a healthy life. Sometime you get facts, sometimes ...

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