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Dengue and liver

I hv dengue and my sgot level is 304.8 and sgpt level is 159.6..plz suggest should i get hospitalized ??

Had developed fever on friday

I had developed fever on Friday with muscle aches and chills, n cough. I am taking Meftal Forte but fever is back again can I take acetaminophen also to keep fever down ?

Post care of piles surgery

My mother in law has undergone piles operation two days back. Now today she is suffering from cold and cough. Due to which she is sneezing continuously. Is it advisable to give expectorant to her now? Is there any side effect like constipation of expectorant ?

Tubercular etiology

Please tell me is it ok? I've skipped my medicines of tb M not taking my medicines properly and i think it's harmfull bcoz night sweats,coughing n many issues m facing niw a days Please tell me is this injurious to my health

Not low blood sugar, tired and dizzy

I'm a type 1 diabetic and my blood sugars have been fine, but I've been feeling extremely tired even when getting a normal amount sleep as well as dizzy and out of it. I don't have any other symptoms so I don't know what could be wrong. Ive been drinking water and eating fine as well

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Role of Dietary Cholesterol

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Dr. Sharat Honnatti General Physician (MD - General Medicine, DNB, Diploma in Geriatric Medicine) 14 years experience Vita Family Clinic
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Dr. B Rajashekar General Physician (MBBS, MD - General Medicine) 21 years experience Health Cottage Hospital
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Dr. A.M.Nanda Kumaran Nair General Physician (MBBS, MD - General Medicine) 49 years experience Health Nest
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