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Late Period - birth control

I had my last period on Feb 27th, I ussaly have my periods every 23-25 days. I started with a birth control pill called - Choice( levonorgstrel 0.15mg and ethnyloestradiol 0.03mg) which is a 28 day cycle pill last month, as I got married. We have been using condoms and birth pills for contraception without missing a single occasion. I have still not got my period and my inactive pills get over on 30th March and I am supposed to start with a new packet on March 31st. Is it okay to start a new pack without getting periods? Also, I keep getting cramps, but there is no bleeding, is this normal?

Irregular period

My last period was on dec20. Had sex on feb 18. Till nw no periods. Tests -ve. Pharmacy gave misoprostol (abortion pill). Bt still no periods ... help me

Missed periods

Hello doctor. I had sex with my girlfriend on 15th march. We used protection. But not sure if the condom broke. She was supposed to have her periods on 26th march. It is 28th today but she did not get her periods. Also. The day we had sex. She had severe pain in her back n stomach for an hour or so. We are worried if she is pregnant. Please suggest something.


Hello there. I'm all new to this so apologies if I'm being too specific but I'm in dire need for your help. I had unprotected sex on the 14th right (2-3 days after my period completed) and I took the morning after pill within 18 hrs of the sex. After a week I bled heavily for 2-3 days and stoppe later. so far I've had terrible lower back pain for a 2 weeks in the begging of march and extreme discharge recently (from mid march). I got myself an sti test done recently but that is not part of my problem. my period is usually fue around 7th and I've yet not received a proper period except for 2 days around the 7th I spotted. I haven't considered that as a period as it was extremely light than my usual period and it was just spotting. it's been 3 and a half weeks since I was supposed to have my period. could you please help me? am i pregnant? do i need to get a pregnancy test done? hope to hear from you soon xxx

Late period

We had sex on 14 March without protection with withdrawal method. Took I-pill within 72 hours, her periods are delayed by 8-9 days. She have irregular periods (ie her dates keeps on changing). She took pregnancy home test, that came negative. She is feeling bloated and also she feels exhausted. I don't know what to do.

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