Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

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Weight loss frequent urination

1) Unintentional weight loss about 8 kgs 2) Frequent Urination 3) Mucosal Recurrent Chronic Ulcers 4) Difficulty in Swallowing 5) Throat pain while swallowing 6) Fatigue 7) increased Thirst

Any problem

Right Kidney : not seen in normal position, appears fused with left kidney. Rt kidney measures - 5.7 cm Left Kidney Appears fused with right kidney.Small cortical cyst seen let.Kidney measures -11.1 CM.

Bulky kidney

USG of abdomen.rk 10.9 and left 11.4 cm.what is the problem.any WBC also this major prob.

Want to knw d actual result of d reports

Dis is d report of jaundice kidney liver n all want to knw the actual position of dis reports dnt understand dis doctors language so want to knw d meaning n d position of dis reports

Inching and burning in genital area

Betagel-G cream can apply in genital area in case of inching and burning in genital area

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Understanding Diabetic Kidney Disease

What we understand about diabetic kidney disease? Diabetic kidney disease or diabetic nephropathy, is a common complication that occurs in approximately 30% of diabetics. In routine practice it is detected quite late when it has already progressed to a point of irreersibility and it gradually ...

Tips for Preventing Kidney Diseases

Six-Step Guide to Protecting Kidney HealthChronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major public health concern. CKD often goes undetected until it is very advanced (when someone would need dialysis or a transplant).  But when it is diagnosed early through very simple tests, progression of CKD can ...

Nephrotic Syndrome ; We Understand the Kids Better

Nephrotic syndrome is a type of kidney disorder wherein, the body passes out the excess amount of proteins through urine, owing to the damage caused to the tiny clusters of blood vessels in the kidneys. The symptoms include putting on excessive weight as a result of fluid retention, foamy urine ...

Q&a About Kidney Failure, Dialysis and Transplantation

What are the functions of the Kidneys?Remove extra water: The kidneys filter extra water, which the body does not need, in the form of urine. This water comes from the liquids you drink and the foods you eat. The kidneys have the ability to concentrate or dilute your urine, as your ...

What Is Serum Creatinine ?

Creatinine is a small harmless protein that comes from the muscles. The only way it goes out of the body is via the kidneys into the urine. Normally it is present in a concentration of 0.5 to 1.2mg/dl in the blood (plasma). When the concentration of creatinine rises in the blood it means that ...

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