Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

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Plasma potassium

I would like to know from where can I get plasma potassium test done in delhi can't find any hospital which perform dis test

Recurring urinary blood infection

My father is undergoing treatment for Parkinson's... He is taking medicines like syndopa, pacitane, pregaba nt, jointrich Since September 2017 February 2018, he got fever and chills and abdomen pain, admitted him in hospital. After tests, they told urinary bladder is over extended without calculi on wall thickening. Uroflow metry is poor. Pressure flow study showed void small volume with severe abdominal strain, could not generate detrusor contraction consistent with acontractile detrusor. Doctor suggested using folic catheter self catheter daily 4 times. May 2018, for past 2 months we have taken care during self catheterization. But we admitted him in hospital due fever with chills and rigors and shortness of breath. Doctor told that he had uti infection and blood and urine. Aug 2018. My father got fever and chills again and doctor told it's due to infection UTI He is getting infection due to self catheterization Please suggest me. What we need to takecare. attaching files.

UV reflux (bilateral)

My daughter suffered UTI along with high fever for four times in the last one and half years. she lost her appetite in that  time and also lost her weight. By USG we came to know about the following problems, 1) The pelvicalyceal system of the left kidney is mild to moderately dilated. The parenchyma of the left kidney appears mildly compressed, echogenic with ill defined corticomedullary junction. (2) The pelvicalyceal system of the right kidney is minimally and irregularly dilated. (3) The left ureter is mild to moderately dilated and traced upto the bladder. The right ureter is minimal to mildly dilated. (4) The prevoidal volume is 241 ml and the residual volume is 92 ml. Then doctor asked to do the MCU test. we did that and the result is she has UV reflux (bilateral) grade IV Lt. & grade III in the Rt.

A foul smell in urine

Today I examin the urine test report comes.there is some swelling type behind the abdominal.i don't know adjetly what is this.

Kidney stone

I remove my gallballder because i have too much stones in bladder...and i have fatty lever grade 3 problem also and i have kidney stone in both shoul i treat this plz tell me??

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Understanding Diabetic Kidney Disease

What do we understand about diabetic kidney disease? Diabetic kidney disease or diabetic nephropathy is a common complication that occurs in approximately 30% of diabetics. In routine practice, it is detected quite late when it has already progressed to a point of irreversibility and it ...

Excess Phosphorous Causes Chronic Kidney Diseases

Excess phosphorus in the human body can cause chronic kidney diseases, including hyperphosphatemia- in which phosphate levels shoot up abnormally high, doctors said. According to them, people with muscle cramps, numbness, tingling, bone or joint pain, and rash are all the symptoms of ...

Preventing Diabetic Kidney Disease

Preventing Chronic Kidney Disease When You Have DiabetesAccording to The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, diabetes is the cause of approximately 44% of all new cases of diabetic nephropathy. Nephropathy is a medical term for kidney disease. Diabetes can cause damage to the filters in your kidneys ...

Is Kidney Damage Irreversible?

It is common belief that kidney diseases are irreversible and lead to permanent dialysis. However, this is not true. Most of the kidney diseases are treatable and many have a cure. Let’s focus on some importantissues which are neglected leading to kidney failure.Young ...

Some Devastating Statistics About Chronic Kidney Failure in India

Even as we speak chronic kidney failure is taking a huge  toll on  lakhs of families in India. This is unfortunate because kidney failure is the easiest of all organ failures  to manage.  We have dialysis which can replace kidney function to a significant extent and kidney  is the easiest ...

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